review of YRYM HT non stick grill mat set

I Received the YRYM HT non stick grill mat set this past week and had the opportunity to use one; I am impressed. I love to grill vegetables on the YRYM HT miracle grill mat. It is fun to grill meat and vegetables together. I also grilled pineapple chunks with brown sugar and little cinnamon. My family enjoy grilling a complete meal on the grill mats. Seem to be sturdy and I was able to cut one in half so I can cook on the mat or the grill. I will update this review when I actually use them.
Update: After I used the non stick grill mat set I can say I really like it. It browned my pork well and cleanup was a breeze. Cleaned it under hot water with a sponge and soap easily. Very sturdy and durable. Wash up great. Highly recommend this one over the cheaper versions. I have used it for the first time on some whole sea bass and used garlic butter to heat up on the mat (this is something you cant do on a grill) and it browned the fish perfectly - then all I had to do was wipe it clean. I've used them for chicken, burgers and grilled veggies with success. The price and quality is better than the competition. Will buy when I need them next time.The miracle grill mat has changed the way I grill. I LOVE these!!!!!!!! No flare ups that burn my food, easy clean up, and a more evenly distributed temperature. I had just spent three hours doing the annual cleaning of the grill when I saw the Kona mats on Amazon so decided to try them. I can't believe they work so well. Not only do they keep the grill clean, but are actually wonderful for grilling. Very pleased with this product!

So far the YRYM HT non stick grill mat set is everything they were advertised to be. So far so good, mats have worked excellent since we received them. We know another couple that bought orange mats (not sure what brand they were) and they were horrible after the second use. We have used these a dozen times and still work like when they were new. Works great and cleans easily. We used the mats for steak and burgers and loved the results. They cooked well and nothing sticks to them. Recommended to our friends and they ordered them also. Great purchase - turns your grill into a flat top with the added benefit of not losing grill marks or vegetables.

Works great on my Weber Q2200. Keeps all that grease from getting on gas tubes, and yet I still get nice grill marks! Quality construction. Great product. Thick enough so the mat doesn't sag between the bars on the BBQ grate. Cooked salmon with a sauce. The carbonized sauce wiped right off the mat and the grill stayed clean. I love the mats. I was skeptical at first but now I'm a believer. Don't know how I lived without them. It helps keep my grill clean. I love how easy they clean and how nicely they keep my grill clean as well how wonderful my food tastes now. Product arrived quickly and as described. Looking forward to using this for summer grilling to preserve taste rather than letting all the juice fall down into the grate.

review of miracle grill mat

This is a repeat buy of YRYM HT non stick grill mat set because I liked them so much! I wanted to have a non stick grill mat set at home and a set at our cabin. They are much sturdier than the average grill mat, which makes them easier to clean and store.  I've purchased these and am way more than impressed with every aspect of their performance....I originally had intended to buy new "Grates" for my disintigrating and almost completely rusted out grill...but desided to try and limp it through last year with these miracle grill mat...well that old grill still stands ( barely) and I've used these 3 to 4 times aweek for well over a year and a half and counting....invest in will not be sorry..thickest non stick grill mats I've seen..let them cool a little then easily clean for next cookout.

The miracle grill mat worked amazing well! We used them on our gas grill to cook steak and couldn't believe how well they browned and all the juice was there to poor over the meat if you wanted. They did seem to cook a bit faster than. Can't wait to try them with vegetables. A great purchase. Highly recommend. I was amazed at how well these mats work! I've only used them once but everything turned out perfect and there was no mess to clean up. I'm looking forward to using them every weekend and update my review with those results. So far so great. I know what I'm getting my friends for Christmas!

The non stick grill mat set is great. They keep the grates clean. Figuring out how to wipe them off is a challenge but overall they're great. I bought the non stick grill mat set  as a gift last Christmas and they were good enough that I bought myself a pair for this summer. Amazing product! Love not having to clean my grill every time I want to use it. Just clean the grill Matt & im ready to go! Great product & buy! It wonderful product- ideal for sale; contract with a brand name grill and give small samples with purchase, this may entice one to purchase a full size mat. Loved the mats. Work just like they said they would. Recommend them to engineering grill. Good investment.

The miracle grill mat Looks like it will do the job superbly, though I haven't used it yet. Went to cook some burgers and my grill won't light properly, have to get that fixed! I was surprised how well the mat worked and how easy it was to clean. I have used cheaper mats in the past and they did not work or clean nearly as well. Great product. The thickness of the mats are far superior to the thinner ones. Using the miracle grill mats, I find that I can turn the gas down quite a bit and still achieve grill marks. The mats seem to hold in the heat, enabling you to be able to turn down the gas and achieve the same result. Would suggest this product to anyone wanting to keep grill cleanup to a minimum.

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I was concerned the miracle grill mat would not hold up well with heat. I was pleasantly surprised when it did. I was cool to cook veggies and shrimp as well as steaks and burgers on it. Grill did not flair up as much as it usually did. This is a good product. Wish it came in blue or gold like the picture but it works. Less mess to clean up the grill when done. I like the miracle mat. I don't like the fact that I have to leave a review to be "eligible" for a $50 gift card based on my purchase. However, this is my comment. Please verify my email. Better, thicker and overall happier with these than others I bought before this. I’ll be back for more goodies!

This non-stick grill mat set is so awesome. I never knew they made these things. I was tired of cleaning my grill. I bought this in faith that it would work as stated. It’s over the top as my most important grilling accessory. The food comes out browned, grilled to perfection. I use it for grilling chicken, meat and veggies. Yummy. Will be using this all winter because easy to clean and does a super job!! it works however not exactly as I expected. If your grilling something creating a juice the mat gets all the liquid on mat and doesn't really grill as expected...then I see all the non-stick grill mat set being advertised are so much less expensive I feel I overpaid ....

Have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the non-stick grill mat set, they didn't leave dark grill lines, but they worked and made cleanup a snap, will be looking forward to using these a lot during this grilling season. Bought the miracle grill mat as a gift for Christmas. Looking forward to seeing how happy my husband will be. So tired of using Pam spray for the grill and the cleaning. Small sheets but perfect for grilling nightly dinner. I've purchased several other brands of grill mats. This one is the best by far and great customer service and follow up. Recommend and I would purchase from this company again.

This miracle grill mat is awesome. Food cooks really fast and they're extremely easy to clean. I've tried several other brands even the copper type; these are so much better. Great product. I have been using silicone grill mats for over 2 years. I have purchased them at Bed Bath and Beyond and in Kitchen Specialty stores. Until I bought these, I did not realize how much of a difference the thickness of the mat affected results. Much better for cooking AND CLEANING. Just started using these and work well. The last ones I got from a different manufacturer just did not last . Peeled and were hard to clean, so hopefully these will last!

butcher paper is good for wrapping gifts


I have looking for wrapping paper for christmas presents always and I couldn't find anything simple that I liked that wasn't crazy expensive. I have a LOT of to wrap so I decided to try this and just make it cute with ribbon to tulle. It came in today and I am very pleased. It isn't as thick as some kraft paper, but it isn't so thin that it will crinkle or rip... the butcher paper is of the perfect thickness for gift wrapping (in my opinion). I am still trying to figure out how to wrap it, but I will add pictures as I go. I love this paper. It is versatile for any wrapping and isn’t too thin or thick. It’s nice and wide and I’m nowhere close to running out. Would buy again for sure! Provides great coverage (can't see through it)! Thin and easy to wrap with...which may sound silly to some, but you don't have to use a pound of tape just to keep it wrapped!

Where to buy butcher paper for smoking? You can go to YRYM HT official site or mazon store to buy. Brown butcher Paper is good thickness & easily cuts. Used over tablecloth for a baby shower & easily wrote food descriptions on it with a light blue sharpie. Would recommend / buy again. Excellent quality craft paper. I decorate the Kraft paper with rubber stamps to mail my products sold at my Etsy Shoppe. I always use stamps that compliment what I am shipping. My customers have complimented me for going that extra step that makes them feel they are receiving a gift in the mail! Can’t go wrong with this paper! Good quality & perfect for my needs. Excellent quality craft paper. I decorate the Kraft paper with rubber stamps to mail my products sold at my Etsy Shoppe. I always use stamps that compliment what I am shipping. My customers have complimented me for going that extra step that makes them feel they are receiving a gift in the mail! Can’t go wrong with this paper! Good quality & perfect for my needs. 

I used this as Christmas wrapping paper and then drew on it for additional decorations. Not only was it more economical, it was also more personalized and fun. Plus, The Kraft paper wrapped boxes looks chic under the tree and could be recycled afterwards.

I ordered this to hand roll and package products for Advent & Hanukkah so I handled this a lot. I ran out and ordered a new roll and was surprised when the second roll’s quality and texture was completely different from the previous. It did what it had to do but I was taken aback by the different rolls. I ended up sending this back cause it arrived late. I ended up buying some from a craft store instead. But when I looked at this roll, it was very good paper. Nice and thick craft paper. Perfect for wrapping my homemade soaps, and for wrapping presents. It’s not super thick like other Kraft papers, just thick enough to not show what items are wrapped.

where to buy butcher paper for smoking

I like to use for crafts with the kids. They love drawing on the big paper. Butcher Paper is thick and strong. Used at a baby shower with lace to dress up the folding tables, was much nicer then just the dollar store table cloth. Painted my own wrapping paper like on Pinterest. Heavy duty but not too heavy to use as wrapping paper. Tied with twine and sprigs. Was a huge hit. Plus the family knew what gifts were from me. I use it for my Birdcages very sturdy and I cut it to the many different cage sizes saving me a tone of money not to get different Pre Cut Bird Cage liners. Used this for Christmas wrapping and the left over has been used to paper my girls make up tables. Once it gets gunky we just toss the old and roll & tape the new. Good multi use paper. where to buy butcher paper for smoking? You can go to YRYM HT store on google search or amazon store.

Considering that we purchased this to line the bottom of our macaw's cage for easy clean up, this has been perfect. Fits exactly to the size of the cage and everything. Perhaps my review is invalid though. I love wrapping up presents in brown paper. All you have to do is wrap with different colors of ribbon for different occasions / holidays. I love wrapping up presents in brown paper. All you have to do is wrap with different colors of ribbon for different occasions / holidays. This is surprisingly great for wrapping Christmas presents. Your packages are a lot easier to pick out, the roll has a TON of paper on it, and they have a really unique look to them when you add some twine to wrap them.

The butcher paper roll is HUGE, which makes it a great value for the price. You will only have to buy this baby one time. I will be using this as gift wrap for the rest of my life. (I know it is boring gift wrap, but the festive-ness comes with the ribbon choice!) Use it as wrapping paper. It’s not so thin that it rips easily and it takes to stamps/marker fine. I would recommend for crafts and wrapping. Use it as wrapping paper. It’s not so thin that it rips easily and it takes to stamps/marker fine. I would recommend for crafts and wrapping.

Perfect weight for wrapping gifts. I loved using this for Christmas, with red and white twine. I love that! its also thick enough that the paper dosent rip while you are trying to wrap gifts with sharp corners! This is spectacular! I love the way gifts wrapped with this and some twine look. It's just as thick as any average wrapping paper, but it looks like 8 times as thick as a roll of wrapping paper. It will last me a long time I think. I will probably buy more when it's gone.

I love YRYM HT BBQ grill mats

I love YRYM HT BBQ grill mats, I use them 2- 4 times a week every time I cook on the grill. If you cant tell I use the grill as often as possible. I have sop far cooked pork chops, steak, sword fish and salmon all multiple times as well as and some veggies in teriyaki sauce. This non stick grill mat is excellent. I have noticed cooking time need to be adjusted as well as temperatures just a bit to make up for the presence of the mat. I do still after a bit of experimentation get great grill lines and tasty evenly cooked food. I have had my salmon stick just a bit to the mat but I had over cooked it just a bit on that one occurrence. Also bring a spatula with you as well as tongs aren't always enough. the food doesn't stick to the BBQ grill mat but some times with the juicier proteins the liquid will make a suction and you need to hold the mat down while you flip the food. I also love that I can take the mat after each use and clean it with hot soapy water in the sink so effectively my grill surface is always clean., I am really glad I bought these and I think my dad is buying a set very soon after hearing about mine.

No more mess and drips on the grill! Food cooked perfectly even amd the mats were even an jnstsnt clean up in the sink! Great purchase! I have never used the grilling mats before. I must say I am very impressed. What have I been doing all these years? No grill gunk, perfectly grilled steak. It basically cooks in it's own juice. I grilled with fresh peppers along with wings. This is just what we wanted and received, first time cooking went great, nothing stuck to the mat, easy clean up, the best part was I did not have to spend time using a metal brush to clean the grill grates when done if still cooking the traditional way without using the YRYM HT Grill Mat, which is a plus and time saver. Thank you for an awesome product, I will be ordering more for family members for Christmas gifts that are useful and needed!!! Thanks again.

Excited to try this product out, but had a couple of issues. First off tried this for the first time grilling a ribeye steak. First thing i noticed was that it didnt leave the grill marks that I like to see on my steaks, but I really liked how it didnt stick to the grill and was very easy to flip. The biggest and most worryome thing was as my steak was cooking the grease that accumulated on the mat caught fire adn actaully melted the mat a little. Seeing how this is supposed to reduce flare ups this was a big issue I can see being a problem using again in the future. Not sure what to expect when I cook chicken since that tends to produce more grease. On the plus side it was still very easy to clean.

YRYM HT BBQ grill mat is great for grilling and BBQ

I love my YRYM HT BBQ grill mat and won't bake things such as cookies without it. I never even once thought about using it on the grill since at times my Komodo style grill hits over 600-degrees (i.e. sometimes when I don't want it to if I'm not extremely vigilant). I'm pretty sure my Silpat would deteriorate, or worse burn up, from grill use so I just often use other methods like such as a plate-setter between the super hot coals and whatever fish, fowl, or meat. For veggies and delicate things I use either a perforated pan or basket depending on what would work best. Now, however, I can use the BBQ grill mat to BBQ! This really works quite nicely on so many things and can even impart a little bit of a crust on the outer edge which is nice.

We have gas BBQ and these say when using you can grill on the mats up to 500 degrees, but not with a flame under the mats. Umm, what is that possible? It's a BBQ, a flame is required to grill...right? Well basically, can’t let flame hit it. This means watching the flame height when grilling so no walking away to do other things. You'll need to babysit the grill a bit during use. You can use these in the oven to line pans too.

I liked the non stick grill mat and then decided to use it baking cookies inside and I was really pleased as the bottom of my sugar cookies had enough of a crisp thin crust but they were close to the white tops...more so than my beloved Silpat which gets the bottoms just a smidge brown for the same time and temperature. Now...I'm sold out of the gate on the use and I find these are no problem to clean. I really can not say about durability. Their thin build seems strong enough, but it these might get some pretty high temps at times and I really wonder if they'll deteriorate? I'll address this issue as only it can be which is to use them often and in time report back. For now I'm giving them a 4.5 star recommendation as another tool to make your BBQ days easier and more versatile.

My hubby likes to use them, and they work as well as aluminum without the waste. He also likes how they are reusable and easy to clean with soap and water.