HTVRONT Best Heat Transfer Vinyl is easy to use and weed

I'm very pleased with HTVRONT vinyl heat transfer paper, especially considering the price. This HTV vinyl sheets come in a cardboard type folder which kept it in shape during delivery and is also a great way to store. I will defintley buy again when I run out. It is easier to work with than other brands of HTV I've used. Definitely going to be buying this HTV again!

I use a household iron for my projects and HTVRONT vinyl heat transfer paper works amazingly! I have washed this vinyl on all temps and dried on all temps and I have had no issues with peeling whatsoever! I just make sure the iron is on the hottest setting and iron with the protective sheet until I can see the texture of the fabric in the vinyl, and voila! Easy peasy! Great HTV easy to use, easy to weed, and applied nicely under the heat press. I do really like this vinyl but some of the sheets had little white spot imperfections on them and one has a bug on it but overall for the product-cost it’s a good product just check your sheets before you cut them.

The HTVRONT heat transfer vinyl is fine and I can figure out the backing side and film with the instructions easily. Great assortment of colors. This is the best heat transfer vinyl so far! It cut great, was easy to weed and worked amazing with my heat press. I love this vinyl now! The problem wasn't with me. My blade had some leftover vinyl on it so it wasn't cutting right. I cleaned it and now it works great. I can't wait to get some shirts made now. Quality is good ! Great array of colors . Nicely packed as well . Delivered very fast ! Easy to work with .

For the price I paid and the assortment of colors was pretty good. The images have not peeled off. I was skeptical but I’m glad I went with this best heat transfer vinyl. I’ve gotten many compliments on all my shirts I’ve made. Fantastic heat transfer material and it washes up even better! I love this stuff and the value is amazing. I highly recommend. I also find it very easy to weed and put on top of my light-box works perfectly.

HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is the best for vinyl transferring

I have used other transfer tapes before and HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is now my new favorite! It offers just enough "sticky" to remove the design from the vinyl without being too sticky that it won't come off on the surface you're trying to transfer it to. This works better than the transfer tape that came with my machine. Perfect for the wife when she does her decals on the cricut. Material comes off easily and clean.

Grid makes it so easy to set things on straight. Only transfer tape I use. Hobby use. HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is the only brand transfer tape that I will purchase. I have used others and do not like them! This stuff works great! It also does a good job removing extra vinyl from the cut out. It’s easy to use! Cut it to the size you need and there you go. Can’t go wrong!! This was the first time for me to use this product I was referred by a friend and this was the best transfer tape for vinyl that I have tried for vinyl transferring. I will definitely buy again. Able to re-stick vinyls to, worked great for what we needed. This stuff is fantastic! Great readable grid, reusable, not to sticky! Ordering more!

I love the gridlines, quick/easy to use, good amount of tack when you use a squeegee, and you get a lot for the money. Great product, the best transfer tape for vinyl and does the job and you get a decent amount for the price. I love the grids on this transfer tape! The grid lines make lining up vinyl for decals so easy. I am also able to get multiple uses out of one piece. Will reorder when I run out but this roll is lasting a while. Perfect not to sticky it don't want to come off but sticky enough the vinyl sticks to it with a hand wip. Very sticky and wants to pull up the vinyl when removing it from decals, but it works great with multiple uses.

HTVRONT HTV transfer tape looks just like what I needed, but I haven't had a chance to use it a lot yet. It was delivered quickly, and I have no complaints. Very nice and easy to work with Transfer Tape. Would recommend it and will buy it again. Great love it! Exactly what I ordered at a great price.

YRYM HT non stick grill mat works better than aluminum foil

So far the YRYM HT non stick grill mat is easy to clean and durable. No issues with burning or smoking or odor like i read on other reviews. You must trim to fit your stove properly so you dont create a smoke condition in your oven. I have it just below the last rack and you fit it to your stove size which is great. Fit my oven perfectly. Didn't need to cut. These are great! They have saved me so much work when it comes to cleaning the oven. Plus, YRYM HT non stick grill mat holds up way better than the aluminum foil I used to use!

I love YRYM HT magic grill mat. They were so nice, I didn't even want to use them. They shoulda been saved for 'good' We all have that old Aunt or what ever old relative. As soon as I put the liner in the oven and cooked a dish, the cheese or whatever cooked over and ran onto my new liner. I was so pissy about the whole thing. As soon as the dish was done, I yanked the liner out of the oven and soap washed it off so now it's back to perfect. I’ve used these in my oven and it saves me time from cleaning my oven. I keep one all the time in the oven and with this order I was able to share one with my single brother. YRYM HT magic grill mat works as it should, catches things that fall. I don't really see the need for three, I'll probably just be giving them away.

I bought YRYM HT non stick grill mat to cut down for our toaster oven. Easy to cut and fit. May soon try one in the actual oven. Fit perfectly easy to clean, love them. Awesome liners . Use in my toster convection oven.Love these, fit is perfect and easy to clean, dishwasher safe. Very easy to clean. I put on bottom rack, should put on bottom under element. Not for gas stoves. I have the French door Cuisinart countertop oven and this fits perfectly under it to protect my counter. I also put one on the bottom rack of my gas oven, which fits perfectly as well. Easy to use and clean would recomended.

I would recommend to anyone that owns an YRYM HT non stick grill mat. So easy to clean!! It does not melt when the element in my electric oven may be near it. Good quality! Nice sizes. Just what I wanted. I ended up giving one away since we only have one oven and both of us love having them and makes it so easy to do an oven clean! Loved these, used one in my grill, one in my oven and one on my stove. Holding up great so far. Easy to clean.

YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper is great for Christmas gifts wrapping

Perfect for keeping our family organized in a stylish way. Looks great installed. Great for the price and exactly what I needed for my small kitchen space - just wish it had a little saw at the bottom when you tear the sheets off. Still a great value. Great product. Bought this as a gift and they were super excited. The setup and use are very easy. Must have if you want a little something to brighten a room without having the huge ones installed.

I love my YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper, it is so simple but adds so much character to my home. I actually have two of them in my home because I love how you can personalize it however you want and can change it as often as you want. The installation was super easy as well. The quality of YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper is amazing and looks so CUTE!!! It is so fun to leave handwritten letters to my family. Surprised my wife with this for Christmas! And man was she happy! Plus it looks amazing on the wall we hung it on. Kids have had fun taking turns drawing on it, and the best part is you just rip off the sheet when you’re ready to start FRESH. Product itself made crazy good! I didn’t see it on the box anywhere, but I’m assuming it’s got to be made here in the United States of America because of the quality. Keep it fresh, keep on Rolling wit Rettel!’

YRYM HT brown butcher paper has been such a fun thing in our home! We've used it for a variety of things; holiday decorating, photos, art projects, to do lists, hand written notes, only to name a few. It's sturdy, easy to install and looks great on the wall. If you're on the fence, buy it, you won't regret it, we've loved ours! Great remake of our old message board. This Rettel Roll is so cute! It puts the perfect crafty modern touch on our house. We just hosted a party and everyone was asking about it. We are going to get a few more fore gifts now. It's a little heavy, but that makes it seem more substantial. We are really excited about this purchase.

Definitely a five star product! I bought this roller for my wife and she LOVES it. She can right/draw/vinyl on all sorts of quotes and sayings and everything! It is definitely worth the money and it is such a great decoration to have in your home!

YRYM HT brown butcher paper is perfect for wrapping Christmas prensents

I actually purchase YRYM HT brown butcher paper to wrap my Christmas presents in! It is not as thick for the "larger" gifts, but I managed for most things and it looks so crisp!!!! Veey happy! I've been wanting to get some brown craft paper for a while to use for gift wrapping and just general crafts. Got this role and am happy with the quality and that it comes with twine. I used YRYM HT brown butcher paper as a table runner & will use it for Christmas gifts. We bought this for family dinners, as a table runner for decor and for wrapping food treats for gifts. It is a thick paper and there's a ton on the roll. It came packaged really well and was easy to unroll. Great quality.

I really like YRYM HT butcher paper roll. I plan on using it for a few different things. 1. I work with children, and it would be nice for art projects. 2. I'll probably use it in the kitchen. 3. It seems thick enough to wrap packages for shipping. Its definitely worth the money; nice roll of paper. I would buy it again and reccomend it. Used YRYM HT brown butcher paper roll for drying fresh made sausage on. Heavy duty, just what I was looking for. Quick shipment and wonderful product! Purchased this paper to use to cover tables. We use it for blue crab eating. Helps with clean up. It’s roughly the weight of newspaper. Not as strong as I would of liked but served it purpose of a quick clean up! Virginia Rivah life!

I didn’t want any of that overly loud, wild Christmas wrapping paper, so I chose to go with the simple look. YRYM HT brown butcher paper roll will last me multiple Christmases and birthdays! YRYM HT brown butcher paper comes on a huge roll and the twine that is included is a nice addition. This paper is thick and will be used for so much more than presents. It is a bit less wide than conventional wrapping paper, but that’s easy to work around. I’d definitely recommend it! Perfect for my holiday gift wrapping. Not too thick, not too thin. Love this butcher paper roll! Use it for the bird room, two macaws. Fits the bottom of the cage! As durable as needed. Would work good for crafts or table cloth.

YRYM HT brown butcher paper roll is awesome for entertaining and a long table full of low country boil....or to wrap Christmas gifts! Dual purpose in our house. I love the width of the is manageable to cut and not cumbersome. affordable price point and quality product!

HTVRONT self weeding transfer paper is easy to use

HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is easy to use and sticks very well. I was even able to reuse the tape. The only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t have the lines to help line up the vinyl to the project you are sticking it on.I really like this stuff- it feels better to me than the transfer sheets directly from Cricut. For the price you pay, you can not go wrong. I believe it to work better then the cricut. It holds better. Transfers your vinyl better. I would order HTVRONT HTV transfer tape again.

HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is very strong and sticky. By far the best transfer paper I have used and will continue to use. I like the grid on the back that allows you to cut straight and measure properly. Even better when i receive my whole order! I work on tumblers that have been sealed with epoxy making it a little hard to peel off. Nonetheless it does the job. I typically peel it and stick it to my shirt a couple of times to wear off the adhesive. I am new to the world of Cricut. We volunteered to help some local businesses put on new Vinyl Business Information on their front doors. THIS STUFF WAS SO AWESOME AND EASY TO USE! Apply to your weeded sheets, pull off all the design work, stick on somewhere, squee-gee it down, pull off clean!

I do a lot of vinyl work with my cricut. Sign making, auto decals, etc. Sometimes this requires that I use large sheets of self weeding transfer paper , I have used the cricut brand and found that although it has light grid lines on it, making it easy to center and have straight lines, its very thin, and loses stick rather quickly. While this product does not have grid lines, (it does on the back of the paper to cut the self weeding transfer paper, but not on the tape itself) it is thicker, there is more of it for the price and I was able to use the same piece many many many times, as sometimes I need to make several identical items, which may require many transfers each. I love the fact that the lines are not on the tape itself, but the backing. I sell homemade window decals and utilizing this tape makes my finished product look professional. It picks up the vinyl with ease, and makes for an easy transfer. This is now my go to HTV transfer tape for all my work, not just for window decals. It's worth the money. Anywho... would totally recommend!

I had bought HTV transfer tape from HTVRONT, overall I am happy with the product. It was a large roll fora good price.  Would buy again and again. Great product! Works really well for my vinyl work. Great product for a great price!

brown butcher paper for wrapping presents & gifts

I use YRYM HT brown butcher paper for everything! From decorating to lining tables. Great to write on with chalk too! Great investment!! Great kraft wrapping paper and the dual finish [matte and glossy] makes it extremely versatile. Highly recommend it. This was fairly sturdy feeling paper, with a smoother side and a rougher side. Used as table covering for a wedding and with pleated corners it looked great!. Good quality thick craft paper. I bought YRYM HT brown butcher paper for wrapping presents to draw on, works great. More than I expected. Grandkids and I love writing and drawing on it! Would recommend.

I wrapped every holiday present with YRYM HT brown butcher paper. For extra fun, I put a few stickers on. Much, much less expensive than tiny holiday wrapping rolls. I have a ton left, which is perfect for toddler drawing, covering a table, and present wrapping throughout the year. Wish they sold smaller rolls in multi color packs. This is a huge roll of paper! It's supposed to have a textured side but I can't really tell the difference. I painted it with watercolors and used it to wrap Christmas gifts. You can still see through the paper but my crappy watercolor painting was enough of a distraction that no one really noticed. I love the multiple purposes I can use this black butcher paper for! So helpful with a white paint pen to wrap gifts with and then draw cute stencils on to make custom wrapping paper.

I purchased YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper two Christmas's ago instead of wrapping paper to save $, it worked so well and this roll lasts a long time. We use it for any gift we need to wrap and decorate the outside with markers etc. Great alternative to expensive wrapping paper. Great deal for the price, comes with two finishes. good heavy duty art paper. wish I had bought a dispenser too. Nice weight to the paper and it was the exact blue I was expecting based on the product photos. The paper was exactly what we had in mind and it even showed up 2 days before the expected date. This kraft wrapping paper was perfect for what we needed it for and it does not tear easily. I used this to make our church building look like a castle for fall festival. Great color of gray and good thickness for painting. Will be ordering it again!

Great brown butcher paper. Great value. We used it to trace students bodies for art. They painted them cut them out and hung them on the wall. I didn't have any problem with tempura paints on it or having the paper tear on us. It was pretty sturdy. They have been hanging in the halls for months with kids bumping into them all them time and they don't tear. Just as expected and the price was reasonable.