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Brags about XI content but can't even spell it right lol. XI will always be a genre of it's own. However OLD XI is what was better. XI now is just becoming more and more like XIV, probably in hopes people will transition. Take the nostalgia glasses off. It's nothing like it used to be and THAT is what made it superior. took time to adjust to 4ppl pt. i was like, how could we kill a m0b with 4 ppl? 5 ppl was better. now i feel just fine. 90%+ have cancelled their accounts. cheap FFXIV gil  The developers didn't cater to what 90%+ want. I love it when people pull percentages and opinions as facts out of their asses. Lmao claims 14 doesn't have a ff feel but says 11.was the best despite 11 being it's own genre not like any of the other ff games that made the series famous. But by means keep trying to tell us how bad 14 is compared to your logic.

 Someone's sad he couldn't get the D sooner. That's what happens when the majority of the community as casuals and you can't even have something as necessary as a dps parser without getting bans :^) Or, you know, we could recognize it should have been out ages ago and still be happy that it's finally happening. if final fantasy xiv was called "eden of eternity" or Buy FFXIV Gil  something random it would be f2p by now. it's in the current p2p model because of brand name. the game is lacking, but the butthurt fanboys keeps giving excuses for stuff that shouldn't take 3 years to be patched.

I'm ready to spell BAD before leaving a Party Finder "clear" party so they know how I felt about their play. writing BAD in DF groups is gonna be fun.  I remember having to use Garuda as a marker in T8 way back when .We all just want the D square.   We can finally spell "BAD" in 24 man raids now..yay! Haven't they been giving us the D for years now. So it's A,B,C and triangle???? Why not just use D???

That must be why I occasionally have to wait in queue while logging in on one of the least populated worlds on the EU datacenter.  How about u guys help the ppl that r haveing troubles trying to login/get there accounts going again . U guys r a pain to deal with.

Heroes of the Storm for FFXIV

You only see the name at the bottom of the page, not the character. Yeah, it didn't pop up until I got off the site for a while, its working fine now, thanks. This question has probably been asked before (a lot). I'm in search of a new MMORPG and wondering if I can catch up if I buy this game?  FFXIV Gil  On PC btw. Hi, depends how much time you have available. They have sped up leveling quite abit, so getting to lv60 would be doable, the main story could be possible to complete also if you only focus on that. As for an MMO, I would highly recommend this, in my opinion this has been the best MMO released in along time, which gets better as time goes on.

Thank you for the response! I'm downloading the client right now. I'm a PVE healer kind of person, so white mage it is. Concerning the servers, a found some (old) posts that for end game raid en population Odin is a good server for English speaking players. Is that still correct?Buy FFXIV Gil  They made a change recently so you can form parties across servers so it doesn't matter nearly as much which server you join. I would advise just joining which ever chaos server is open at the time. Moogles and Shiva are unofficial French and German servers though. Cross server is a very nice change. My French and German is not really good so I'll stay away from those two and pick another one. See you guys ingame!

I can't recommend Zodiark enough. super chill people, cool FCs, mostly English speaking. See you in a dungeon . Qi'm on Shiva and have no problems with speaking only English. I've only once come across a person on there that spoke no English and wanted to ask me questions haha. I've play on a few servers, everyone is friendly and I doubt you would encounter any issues on any server with only speaking English. I currently playing on Lich, which I think has quite a high population and most speak English from my experience. I just started playing 2-3 weeks ago and am already nearing lvl 50 (whilest taking my time, enjoying the story, and not rushing through stuff). It's a great game that's easy for newbies, but still challenging for vets. I don't know how they've struck that middle ground that so many other MMO's can't find, but it's actually pretty amazing.

The community is actually the best online game community that I've ever seen. Everyone on reddit is super helpful (without shaming on you if you don't know something 'obvious'), pug groups are surprisingly common and not shunned, and people seem to always be ready to help someone in need. I've never seen an MMO like it, truthfully. I'm glad to be supporting them!In short, you'll have no problem catching up in time. Also, if you're on Faerie, I hope to see you around! Girl in armor on top right looks like Tenishia from 1.x 😃 I wasn't around back then but I watched some playthroughs on youtube awhile ago. It's a little hard to see, but that samurai on the left near the lady in red kinda looked like Varian Wrynn...

ffxiv 3.0 relic safe

I might jump on once the kids are asleep tonight. I'll hit you up if I get on. Wonder if I can catch up to Storm blood in that time. I SENT YOU THE RETURN EMAIL. nvm i dont have the game for pc yet so id have to play on my ps4. thx for free login (will resub when SB release ) Patiently waiting on arr and hw bundle sale. Can some one teach me how can I download from play store at ps 4.  FFXIV Gil  Stormblood is fast approaching, and today we've updated the official site with information on Ala Mhigo and Doma, the two new jobs, red mage and samurai, and much more. We've also added a host of new screenshots and illustrations, transforming the site into a spectacular treat for the eyes.

Cant wait to grind for a relic weapon that takes months and tons of resources to complete just so it can be obsolete by a patch weapon thats takes 2 raids to get. James so what youre saying is that relic weapons aren't obsolete overtime and that my statement of them losing value is an opinion? Lol what a fucking pelican. Hey man, no one is making you get the relic weapon. Cheap FFXIV Gil  Hey man, no one is making you get the relic weapon. Value is based person to person, so it actually is an opinion.You butt hurt? Oh gosh something continuously challenging with the previous expansion that they made useful in New expansions by turning it in for a new weapon boo hoooo.

Hes right though, its a very stale formula that they have been doing for years. Take your negativity elsewhere, you whiny man-child. Welcome to iLvL based mmorpgs, what a shcoker that the most powerful weapon will be obsolete in a future patch/expansion. Actually relic weapons in 14 never go obsolete because if you played the game and weren't a whiny bitch you'd learn the relic weapon from 2.0 carried over and became a new relic weapon or made it easier to obtain the 3.0 relic safe to say the same will happen with 4.0. How about playing the catchup game for two months after hitting max level just so you can start on the current expansion... James and Nick so triggered lmao. It's straight facts, don't get so butt hurt.

Blade and Soul PvE content

If you make at least 50 gold a day you make few hundred a week. I dont play any other games except bns right now which is why i have so much time. dafuq we jsut had a stream sayinguognna slow don patches foudnry has just been added with 3 upgrades and ure already goign to the next rank.Blade and Soul Gold I messed up unpacking to my alt and unpacked my dailydash event coins into my alt my mistake Im not doing event on my alt I need the coins for my main and this BNS website is down when i try to log in. So I cant ask for help through a ticket. That's like 20 coins I need on my main not my alt. STILL Cant log in to B&S NcSoft website says error somehting went wrong on our end.

Something went wrong on our end. Please try again in a few minutes.well poodle grind 140 mroe coins onto thaht char and buy a diamond :P they re tranferrable anwyays and with thaht i mean the diamond  Buy Blade and Soul Gold. lol i wish I am only level 41 on that character. I cant do many of the dungeons yet. I sent a ticket maybe they will help me. If not I just grind for coins as much as I can on that chracter as well. Se viene' lo cuervooooo, se viene' lo cuervo' locoooooo
Muh darkness! Muh Vengeance! Can you see it, Cricket? This is the true power! Beyond the puny "Master" Hong... Lol still the same old blade and soul..... Upgrade weapons over and over. yeah thats like in every mmorpg game? get used to it.

Just let it die. You did everything wrong managing the game. What's wrong with the game ? Nothing. The Ncsotf mannaging is what is a clusterfuck. They should fire that stupid game manager. game seems fine to me. stop bitching like we have gameforge or nexon or aeia running the show. they are 10 times worse. Nice with the new patch.! But guys should i stop leveling my weapon higher than true profane? half of the players in the eu, there is still a legendary weapon or accessory, and they already provide a new path, stupidity. I know but half is not baleful / seraph, not to mention the accessories, so what is the meaning of. Hopefully Korea will release some info soon, but either way, we'll have to wait few months. Why are people so hungry for this class? Rapid updating ruined this game because players didnt have enough time to grind for the gear, and thus it became "p2w"

Worst than summoner? Stvarno NisamJa this is NOT a pay to win game. More like pay for some convenience. George Phantasm Galatanu I think you should wait to see how Blade and Soul handles the class. They've done an outstanding job with all the others. Same here stopped playing bns for that reason. Waiting for that gunner class i always like ranged classes so i refuse to play until they realese that class so i can jump back in ! Stvarno, I understand there's a lot of good PvE content that has come out recently and planning to come out, but I myself play strictly for the PvP aspect. Not that I'm trying to rush anything, it'd just be nice to get some info out about it, and the sooner it comes out, the sooner the gunner mains can learn their class and get involved in the PvE and PvP scene!

BNS buff Destroyers

This!! My game has been so choppy lately. pffft, i dont experience lags or disconnection, maybe u need to upgrade your system. for me the game works fine,it`s a computer problem,upgrade it! The fact that you, the game works is nice, but I have a 600ms ping and I, and lately quite often, no other game except BnS not so miserable connected me to play on the Korean server probably would like to play better in Seoul, I measured only 310ms.When I test to Frankfurt 17ms. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Windows and my current drivers. hey blade and soul, give us back the first anniversary coins, there are people who couldnt farm enough of them coz of work and so on, especially for those who are back to the game like me. we need that gem 35aps please. Don't fix anything, unbalances in everything, unthoughts in everything but hey at least you get A+ for extortion, better and better every month.

Travis Lauffer remember to contact support after this to get your outfit since you already renewed. Hello admin, could you do me a favor and buff Destroyers? Thanks. Please make Tormented weapon drop more in 6man. Most people that can do 4man don't even need it anymore. So stupid.Cheap Blade and Soul gold i just found out in a international group for bns that a SEA server will be handled by Garena how true is this? 2/22/2017 2 hr. 15 min down time its going on 2 hr. and 25 min. your late pick up the pace. I don't think I can access the f10 with 2500 ms fix the servers . Yea u need to get 1 year premium.

Don't need it xDDDDDD, look ugly as hell, waiting for the new costume. NYUUUGEN WHAT'S THE NEW ONE? =OOOO. How can I know xddd, wait for them to reveal here. wasnt the samurai the new one. Yes, Samurai is the new one. Just as ugly in my opinion... No chocolate heart from daily challenge like previous events either, i.e. Golden seeds, Snowflake crystals, 1st Anniversary coins. They want you to buy from bundles.

CHOCO hearts: Just a thought of your ongoing maintenince. When it comes to RNG choco I really feel you should make it at least a guranteed 60choco heart before March  

Buy Blade and Soul Gold 1. Because the feels and frustration people get who still have like less than 30 and it just 1 week til event ends. Some solutions would be nice. Like either you could extend the event for another month? Och make rng to be doeble with 60hearts or even put a NC/HMcoins buy bundle that has like 40hearts(making you money at same time if its you aim win win) bundle if need 21days of the event = guranteed 60hearts anyway. I will link 1 example from forum and i seen even alot topics and post of it. It abit shame with its about valentines with happeness and hearts fcourse. Some ppl mignt not be able to buy for real cash or even has alts to try get some choco which can still be bound. Here is link. 

how to collect BNS weapon skins

I realy do hope you guys might plan on giving us our dedicated server here on SEA, playing on NA is a total nightmare. 400ms. Solve the gameguard issue! People are mad at the forums! what is it i have had to troubleshoot bns before but not for GG. They have a contract with the company running this programme, one does not simply just end a very pricey buissness >Cheap Blade and Soul gold. What is wrong with the gameguard? It's running fine for me (64bit client) Same here, just changed the compatibility of client.exe and launcher to windows XP server pack 3 and everything went smooth. The best fix is to remove the damm thing.

This is y I can't come back. More money for them, same problems for us. more recolored old costumes? midnight detective white version? I kinda like the white version more... You got a problem :p ? todat just happening again just like before,bug no cursor when i try to move my items from my inventory. And also sometime npc name gone,but when i talk to randome npc they appear again. I just recharged $50 for bundles, pure white and Vday maid, now u tell me theres more. WTS body for $$. If you dont wanna use money, work hard and sell your gold for HM coins. The game isn't p2w.

Find a party. If not, learn the mechanics.Buy Blade and Soul Gold  If you cant, grind and level up. how to kill enemies with 9000+hp only whit 40 ap , thats insane this game just became unfriendly whit low lvl ppl i think im going to unistall. Eerrr it's easy to kill them lol. I have no problem killing low level bosses with that AP. Lol. He just started the game...dude read a guide or something, that is a world boss you dont just solo it, unless you got the skill for it . Are you talking about world bosses? Those are a joke. Created a new character and so far I was able to solo all field bosses. Make sure you replace your weapon with a better one when available... (duh..)

Will you be implementing weapon skin wardrobe in the future? Or add more storage spaces for collecting weapon skins? I suggested that in of the topics on the forum, they said they will actually pass it on. I think we will get a weapon wardrobe eventually. Sometimes You can vote 4 it via game OR bns main website, dont miss it! Dawid Owca thanks :) I will keep an eye out for it.

Ffxiv 1.0 is good to play

Agh... everything else is amazing though. This is exactly the single thing I was hoping for. Sigh.It wouldn't be in the preliminary notes if they were going to. We also still have 3.55 in Feburary, so it might happen then. I'm 3 umbrites away, so I am glad it is not nerfed yet! Cass Frederickson yeah that's what I'm hoping! I think if there is an update it'll be shown in the actual patch notes. Yeah this step is annoying me so much. .also the wiki says you can get 3 to 5 sands and I always get 3. Buy FFXIV Gil Wonder if thats wrong. Florian once you finish the first half that's when you'll start getting 4-5 points. The Griffin...pfft, hello again Ilbert, we missed you. Calling it now.

Finally crafter gear affects quick synth . . . cheap FFXIV gil the fact that a lvl 60 crafter cannot HQ quick synth lvl 1 items is stupid. The hotbar change...yaaaaas! Now I can really make a decent looking UI! Can you guys do one thing before the expansion. Can you make the gathering icons appear on the big map. additions to hotbar adjustments is everything, thank you. Yesssss, just 10 more runs of Nidhogg EX and I can just buy the bird. is Alexander normal still one item per week or has the lock been lifted? It looks like just the gear at the end is still locked. Thank you. I'm at work and can't pull it up to read.

i think there's a pastebin link on Reddit if you wanna look. TONS of QOL changes that I welcome. Read and find out, cheap FFXIV gil  don't be lazy! Krijn van Alten he said he was at work. maybe you're the one who should read. Krijn van Alten irony. Damn you're a jackass. FINALLY dealing with TT triads being filled with win traders...about damn time. Vincent Aponte did you ever get this game?! You're missing out bro... Yeah I got it I'm just stuck in a backlog. Haven't had much time to play anything. Was going to hop on once I wrapped up FFXV. Yay another update that won't install without throwing an error up constantly. Shame about relic still being a very real part of the game. Otherwise "ok". Anyone know how to get code for heavensword?im purchase digital from ps4 and upgrade from ps3.

Ffxiv 1.0 > Ffxiv arr Nice!! What's the main changes though?? Kris Bissell Because itsd a contrary opinion and makes him look "cool." Sorry Eric Jennett didn't know every comment was anti establishment didn't mean to trigger you. But still, real talk, why? I'm actually curious as to why you feel its better. Because it was vanilla. Going for maximum kek I see.