barbecue grill mats are a must for any griller

I cut barbecue grill mats to size to use on cookie sheets. as long as you take care of them they seem to work fine. I have run mine through the dishwasher which works fine as a cleaning method. I have not tried them on the grill yet. Much better than using aluminum foils for grilling. It’s easy to use and to clean! I do feel like they keep the flavor better. Great item! I ordered it for my husband but I'm taking a couple of the mats for baking. This has changed my grilling. Used it the night i got it. My crates are so nasty and food get stuck to it, so this was so great yesterday cooking in it and the items flipping over. Flavor was still really good. Works great and keeps the grill cleaner!

These barbecue grill mats are a must for any griller! I love using these. Place them on the grill and you're able to grill anything loose that would normally fall through the grills. I grill a lot of veggies and a lot of times, they fall through the open grill. Now I'm able to put all the veggies on this mat and get the amazing grill taste! They are reusable after an easy clean which is a nice feature. Best part of all, clean up of the grill is not as bad as before because nothing falls through the grate! these grill mats are great. no foods stick to them. they make grilling breeze and clean up easy. The black color works better than the copper color only because although foods don't stick, they do discolor with the heat and food juices stain. so the black mats work best. I don't know how I grilled without them!

YRYM HT copper grill mat (roll of 5) are good quality and will prevent that asparagus from falling between the grates. I hate when that happens. These are great on the grill. Much cleaner and easy to use. I really like it it’s easier to clean grill then without grill mat, I only used 2 but there is 5 in box so it’s good value. Worked great on the grill! Made shrimp and vegetables. Easy to clean and store! These are awesome. Between this and our lava rocks at the bottom of the grill, we’ve taken it to the next level. I was impressed at how much heat they can handle. As soon as the grill cools off, the mats are easy to wash and ready for another use. No more scrubbing the grill grates! It’s easy for me to grill zucchini, shrimp, and other things that would normally fall through the cracks of the grill grates.

Non stick copper grill mat very easy to clean and reuse. Easy way to protect your grill iron. These barbecue grill mats were amazing I used them on the grill to cook vegetables and chicken. Did not stick easy to clean. I used it also in the oven and placed bacon instead of foil a new fav way to cook bacon!These mats kept food from sticking. Cooked evenly and were easy to clean and reuse. It did seem to take more heat on the grill to cook but the end product was perfect. Grill mats work great and they’re super easy to clean! Great value for the money! This is a great product for grilling! My steaks look like they were right on the grill burner. This product keeps your grill clean with easy cleanup for reuse. What a great price for 5 mats. They are much more expensive at the stores. They keep small items from falling in the grill. They're easy to clean. I couldn't be happier with them.

review of YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper for smoking meat

I use YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper in my woodworking shop to protect bench surfaces during glue-ups. It's thick enough to do the job, and a single roll lasts quite a long time. I purchased this product to create dust cover on the back of my acrylic paintings using doubled sided tape for adhesion. I had seen the standard brown paper but thought that this "pink" color would have a more original and artistic look to it. It isn't really pink but is a pinkish brown color and makes a nice looking finishing on the back of my paintings. I am very happy with the butcher paper roll and think the price was reasonable. I use this paper to make templates, not to wrap cuts of meat. It suits my needs and am sure it works additionally for it's intended use. We have used the butcher paper to smoke brisket in and or to wrap it afterwards. Liked the product very much. Would order again. Bought this to wrap a brisket in. Helped to get it very tender and juicy. Will be buying more when I run out.

Bought butcher paper roll for wrapping paper and unlike a lot of the cheap stuff on here it didn’t rip once through several presents! The color is pleasing and the size was perfect for what I was looking for. Good price, quick shipping. Use this paper to wrap pork butt roasts or beef brisket after they’ve been on the smoker for an hour or so. Works great! It was exactly what I wanted and the price point was great. Delivered on time and packaged to prevent damage. Used it on some ribs and it performed perfectly. Paper is nice and heavy but it is not pink as the item description says. It’s repackaged brown paper. Smoked a few briskets two days ago for 24 hours; the paper was so moist and retained the pecan smoke evenly. By far the best I've used....can't wait for my next shipment. Seems identical to other 24x150 paper I've bought and this is a much cheaper price than what I paid elsewhere.

I never thought of using YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper to help assist with smoking brisket, but now I will use it all of the time. The paper is exactly what I needed to wrap up and smoke a brisket. Good size for the price too! Packaging made it easy to transport and even store the extra, high quality that didn’t rip (even when the wind blew while decorating it outside and almost lost it!) Great for projects it’s like the paper sheets used in school I used for sons ozobots and kids love it. Thicker and more durable than I thought; great value!! We used this paper to draw murals on for our students to color during our STEAM event. It was perfect! Perfect paper to protect you surface when you paint. I am not that messy but doing watercolor is a little sloppy and this paper protects. It even gives me a place to try out the color. I use this paper on tables when doing crafts w/ the kids. It's great and at an affordable price, too!

We used butcher wrapping paper as a table cover. Worked great! I bought this to decorate with watercolors and use as wrapping paper. Unfortunately, it is incredibly thin. I can read my cutting mat through it no problem. I would expect something advertised as being perfect for bulletin boards and posters would not be transparent. I will just wrap twice (two layers is enough) or wrap once with tissue paper first. At the time of this writing, it is described as being able to "handle chalk, tempera, watercolor or acrylic paints" and "perfect for felt pen, finger painting, and fine-line drawing". I used very light water (like almost dry) watercolors and it immediately wrinkled up a little. As they dry the wrinkles seem to be smoothing out more or less, but it really makes me wonder if you really would want to use thicker/wetter paints or especially fingerpaints with this. It did not bleed through with very light watercolor and very light glue. I tested with marker and it seems okay there, too.

YRYM HT copper grill mat makes No flare up

After receiving the YRYM HT barbecue grill mats I bought some pinwheel steaks at my local butcher like I have been doing for decades. They turned out to be the best pinwheels I ever grilled and have done them several times since. When done they are juicy, the cheese and spices stay in the steak and they have grill marks! They clean up fairly well with a Scotch-Brite scrub sponge but some marks do remain. When it starts to bother me I'll throw them in the dishwasher and see what happens. If they don't come out clean enough I'll just buy new ones. These worked great to start, but be careful and clean them regularly. If not, it may be tougher to get clean. I use these on my grill when I cook meat that drips grease. No flare up. I only use it on low to medium high. Worked great on the grill and will save some of the mess of grilling! We did get them pretty charred and they came mostly clean, but worked great!  

I use the YRYM HT barbecue grill mats to grill veggies and other foods that might fall between the slots, the mats work beautifully and clean up is easy. I have also used them for chicken breasts, pork chops and hot dogs and all cook great and even have grill marks. Would highly recommend. Also appreciate the silicon basting brushes included. Wonderful product. Keeps grille clean and easy to clean. I think it's a good product. However, you have two things to keep in mind. The first is that if the grill has a slight inclination (like most) it slides, so you must be double-minded. The second is that the cooking is slower, so, I assume, is solved with a stronger fire. I assume because I only used it once and had to take it off because it took too long and people were starving! Keeps our grill clean and the meat moist and flavorful! At first my husband was skeptical but now we are both fans and don't grill without these!

YRYM HT copper grill mat  Works great, Food cooks without falling through. Great for fish, vegetables, shrimp. Easy to clean. These are great not as easy to clean as they say but I just use the flip side. I bought these bc I am tired of having to replace my gas grill every 2-3 years bc the bottom is burnt out from grease/fat drippings. These mats DO worth as they say they do. The only problem I've had is cleaning them. I found out (the hard way) that you need to clean them while they are still warm. Otherwise you'll end up soaking and scrubbing them. Either way, they don't come completely clean but they really don't need to. They are def worth the money. I have reused mine 5-6 times at least. No need in keeping water nearby for the flames, no more burning out my grill bottom. If they do start to wear out, I'll just order some more. They def cost less than a new grill. Best Damn thing I ever bought, for helping me with my GRILLING! !! It will surprise you on how high you do need the heat though.

Great Product. Meat cooks right in marinade like a non stick pan. But on the BBQ so you still get the smoke with no dry meat. I love these things. Put veggies right on in oil and no biggie with easy cleanup. Brushes are tiny. Can't cook on high heat. But good for the price.  I ended up having to throw them all away after first use. However the company did work with me and gave me refund. That is the only reason they are getting 3 stars. I like how these mats protect your grill from always cleaning it. Won't grill food without these mats now!

where to buy butcher paper for wrapping Chrismas gifts

I used YRYM HT brown butcher paper for a charcuterie board, it took my entire counter. It worked perfectly. I could write on it to let everyone know what they were eating, or not eating. As well, it held up to the meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts nicely. And when the party was over, rolled it up and threw it away. I love that I will be able to use it to wrap gifts in it when the time comes. I bought this for the use of postal paper; for wrapping boxes. It covered a standard USPS medium flat rate box (11.25”x8”x6”) in one peice. The paper didn’t tear easily, held on the corners. I would like a heavier duty paper for shipping, but it still worked perfectly for my needs.

As it turns out I realized I should have purchased a larger butcher paper roll . It is great to cover my art desks. I noticed the oil paint doesn't run through to the back staining the desk tops.. Also it's perfect to put on the back of my paintings. I like it very much and will get back to buy some more. I use this both for crafts and to put under the cat litter box and under the bird cage. I absolutely love it because, unlike most rolls. it stays pretty much flat when I need to use it. Nothing worse than trying to flatten out some of that rolled paper. The thickness is also pretty good too. I will certainly be buying this in the future. I know what you're thinking..what is there to say about a roll of paper? Well let me tell you, there is a LOT to say about this roll.

Brown butcher paper ROLL out the red carpet on this one folks. This paper makes you want to ROLL up your sleeves and get to work. It's as smooth as butter on a ROLL. You'll be ROLLing down the aisles with joy! It's so fresh and new feeling, like you've been ROLLing back the years. This company has got to be ROLLing in dough with this. Just rockin' and ROLLin' along in the good ole US of A. No moss gathering here, not with these ROLLing stones! Praises will be ROLLing off your tongue the minute you ROLL out the front door and open the shipping box. If you're looking for a quality product, this is no ROLL of the dice. This is no "ain't fit to ROLL with the pigs" products, no sir! You'll be more satisfied than a ROLL in the hay. Press the "Buy Now" button and get ready to start singing "Roll On 18 Wheeler, Roll On" because this product will be shipped and on its way to you. This review is ROLLing on and on. I better get the ball ROLLing. Writing this review has been a role of a lifetime. ROLL Tide.
Dropped a doubled piece lined in between with paper towels.... into the boot mat by my front door to wick water from my barn boots. It works great for craft project...both as spill protection on the table under the project and as great paper for drawing stencils on. I'm sure I'll be finding more ways to make it a multitasker!!

Barbecue grill mat keeps grill clean

We received BBQ grill mats quickly just as ordered. I opened well packed box. I read the info with the mat washed one mat and cooked steaks on it the first night. We have been cooking on our YRYM HT copper grill mat ever since! Oh I forgot to say I took off my dirty BBQ grill grates and cleaned them well before using my new Kona mat on them. What a great product and so easy to clean up after you cook on it. If your reading this and haven't pull the trigger (as they say) to buy a quality copper grill mat , buy this one you won't be disappointed! The mat is large enough to accommodate steaks and vegetablels for my family of 4. It arrived quickly and well packed, and the thickness and quality are just what I need. I look forward to not having to lose those juicy bits of meat and veges that have always fallen through the wire on the rack. I was so thrilled to have this that I had to go purchase salmon steaks to grill with confidence that I wouldn't be frustrated when it was time to turn them.

I like YRYM HT copper grill mat better than original black mats. I purchased these for my husband as part of a Father's Day gift. We raise our own beef cattle and are always looking for best practice grilling methods. Our New York Strip Steaks sizzled and seared as soon as they hit the grill mat on our charcoal grill. Appreciated the easy clean-up. We experimented with toasting marshmallows and, much to our delight, they became golden brown and toasty with light grill marks in minutes. Easy to remove and add to s'mores. Our grill mat came out of the dishwasher sparkling clean. We can't wait to grill again! Like the grill mat. Kept it under 500 degrees, however when cooking burgers, grease dripped off the side of the mat and caused a flare-up which resulted in the side of the mat to singe which I was sorry to see after only one use. Nothing stuck and it was easy to clean aside from the flareup spot. Would definitely buy again...just maybe avoid using them with burgers!

Used Barbecue grill mat grill salmon and veggies. Was curious to try a grill mat, this one made clean up a snap! Great grilling aid! Wish I would have found these years ago!! Have cooked about 3 different types of foods in just the first few days since receiving them, and everything turned out great!! Plus.....the grill stays clean!! Hooray!!!! Couldn't ask for a better performing grill accessory!! I am not very happy with this mat. I ve used twice, food doesn't stick but residue has left permanent black marks which don't wash off, and I see small hole already in mat. I expected much more for the money. Would not buy again.Looks like crap after a few uses and is hard to clean but works well for many things.

When you think cookout at the park, first thing you think of is hamburgers. The grease from the burgers collected on the flimsy barbecue grill mat and when it dripped into the charcoal it caught on fire. The fire burned up the mats they were just crap. Never buying again. Has worked good so far and helps keep my grill clean. The only think I don't like is if there is a lot of grease it can pool on the mat where it would normally go through the grill grate.

butcher paper is great for wrapping briskets to keep meats moist and delicious

I bought YRYM HT butcher paper rolls because I'm trying to improve my smoked meat (pulled pork & brisket) barbecuing. Some of the experts I've read use unlined butcher paper instead of aluminium foil to wrap the meat after it has cooked, during the quiet stage when it rests or even if it needs an extra hour or two in a low temp oven. This is my first roll of such paper and I've used it once, so I'm not an expert by any means but it felt pretty professional and was a lot easier to work with than foil. Came quickly, looks great can not wait to try. I have to pick them up from jujitsu. I guess that's why I don't know what I can get for dinner. Great for wrapping briskets or using it on a serving tray to serve bbq meat platters! Also if you put oil on it, they are great bbq charcoal starters! Used on beef brisket and pork shoulders. Kept the meat juicy and tender through out the cooking process. Worked great for wrapping up a smoked brisket. Roll is large enough that it will last a long time.

My go to for low and slow for BBQ! The butcher paper for smoking meat Works great and even better than foil to keep meats moist and delicious! Package came secure, still wrapped in plastic. Product has worked extremely well for me. No unwanted tearing. Has held up well. Works as advertised , great quality and delivered as promised. It was the first of the two gifts to arrive. Extremely fast delivery! I don't know how well it works because it was a gift, but my son requested it and was extremely pleased. It's great but it'll take a little getting used to since we've never used this before but have friends who have. So far, we like it. Like the sturdiness of the paper. Have been using foil for brisket for awhile and must admit wrapping in paper and allowing to rest was much better. Wrapped once in each direction and I am very happy with the results.

YRYM HT BBQ butcher paper roll is the best paper. I recently used to Texas crutch a 12 Lb full-packer Prime brisket. We fed 15 people and this paper was the best. It wraps great, is durable and absorbed just the right amount of liquid. I'll buy it again. Used it for the first time in a ribs cook-off competition -- took third place. Was using aluminum foil before, but didn't like losing the bark. This butcher paper seems to be a nice solution for when you need to wrap. Worked well. Never used before, but arrived quickly and was durable and held up to our long smoke for brisket. I use this paper to wrap meat for use in my smoker and worked just as I thought it would. Love the product, we use it for smoking BBQ and it holds up fantastic! My husband loves this. He uses it everytime he grills or is smoking something. Great butcher paper so far when I have wrapped my meats. Holds the heat in. The paper works great, I used it for smoking meat. Bought it on sale to wrap my briskets in. Works great!

Used YRYM HT butcher paper for smoking to smoke a brisket. Flavor was amazing! Wrapped my brisket with it, worked as expected. Works great for BBQ comps and helps keep meat juicy. Love this product and will never use aluminum foil again! A must have! Stop using foil, no more Texas crutch! This was used to smoke a brisket and a pork butt. Both came out exceptional. Perfect for my bbq needs! Awesome product. Very happy. Use it to wrap my BBQ meats and it's a great combination of durability and foldability. Get it! Great paper for wrapping meat as it comes off of the smoker, or even the grill. I enjoy using this paper much better than aluminum foil. Will purchase again.

YRYM HT grill cooking mat get great grill marks without grease sticking

Used my YRYM HT grill cooking mat today on my charcoal BBQ grill. I am absolutely blown away with this mat. Cooked my burgers perfectly and even had the grill marks on the burgers. Cleaning my grill was a breeze. I highly recommend YRYM HT grill cooking mat. I was going to. It new grates for my grill but came across these in doing so. It was mess expensive than buying new grates. I'm blown away at how awesome they cooked my burgers without burning them. I highly recommend this product to any and everyone. I absolutely love it. This is a great product. To answer EVERYONE’s doesn’t interfere with traditional grill marks, nor does it impart any unusual flavor. My only thought is that it retains oil a bit & you need to clean it after it cools as opposed to just closing the lid & letting the heat do the cleaning. Nonetheless a terrific product that I would highly recommend & I’m a retired chef & current cooking instructor.

I like BBQ lid down and low & slow cooking. You get great results but risk of flare ups are high to inevitable. I had heard that barbecue grill mats helped keep down and even eliminate flare ups. I just got a new Weber Spirit two burner and decided to order the Kona mat to give this new style of grilling a try. When YRYM HT grill cooking mat was delivered I immediately saw the YRYM HT mat is thicker and seems more pliable then the last time I tried a BBQ mat. Over past two weeks, I have cooked burgers, sausages, bacon, grilled vegetables like onions, asparagus. I have grilled fruit like Pineapple, apples and bananas covered in 100% maple syrup and they came out five star. Easy to clean up and no flare ups - not one. Any grease or drips run over the side of the mat and down the inside of the BBQ and into the BBQ grease catcher. Because I use Indirect grilling (back burner is off) most of the time, I think I might achieve the impossible - no BBQ flare ups and embarrassing (and dangerous) BBQ grease fires. Have not tried super hot 500+ degree searing but expect the YRYM HT will meet the challenge.

You need to look out for the juices / grease from building up, on the mat, as it can cause fire to erupt. There were NO instructions when I received the X-LargeYRYM HT grill cooking mat but there are instructions regarding juices / grease building up on the smaller versions they sell. They need to include instructions for use on the X-Large Kona Grill Mat as mine almost got destroyed!!! Other than that, it is a very good product!!! It works really well, except that you might have to cut it down to fit your grill size correctly. Easy enough to do with a pair of scissors.

I used mine last night for the first time and I love it. Nice grill marks, food was done perfectly, and the grill is CLEAN! Fits my three burner perfectly without trimming it. The best hamburger i have ever made on a grill... juicy and tender...cooked the buns also.... We put it directly on the grill, and it stayed in tact and worked great. It also says it’s dishwasher safe, but even a hand washing is easy enough. This mat works like a champ. I did not think that it would perform this well due to the fine mesh but I was pleasently surprised at the results. Great product. Clean while warm. I am so delighted with the mat. It is especially great for veggies and fish. The cooked meats and fish appear to look as if done on an open fire and retains the flavor perhaps better. Once you are used to grilling with these mats, you cannot do without them. We love it.