FFXIV The Far Edge of Fate

But but... that Spider-Man shirt... peter Parker was often late to work, maybe it means the expansion will be out late??? Let's analyze it!!! I dont know, I like the game but I'm kind of disappointed, just more of the same. I'm exited about the Main Story Quests though. So you like the game,Buy FFXIV Gil and them giving you more of what you like is a bad thing? Confusing. Well the game is nice but everything gets old after some time, maybe I'll just wait for the expansion.Looks nice, too bad I'll never get to that point. Ugh, grinding for gear in this game is so boring. more so the weapons That and the clunky pvp is what got me.

Don't like the grind? Buy the 250 gear haha. I have got to start playing this again. But I'm so enamored with XV I don't have the time. Is it worth to re-sub if you havent played since 3.2/a little bit of 3.3? For story alone, absolutely! The Dragonsong War finale is epic as hell. Yea, even though if you wait longer you can just resub with the new expansion and not miss anything. Drew Clifton Alright thanks. Val Santoro That's what I had in mind, but I wasn't sure how long that would be. I can wait for sure, if it's not incredibly long. Have they announced the release date, do you know?

Fredrik Phoenix Westerlund For this patch it's first half that is 17 January, for the expansion they are aiming on 20 June.cheap FFXIV gil  Krijn van Alten June?! :( Dont know if I can wait that long lol, I might be able to re-sub once or twice before the expansion hits.Uuugh i need to get back into FFXIV, if only my friends played since it gets boring by myself. I went in it completely alone and made new friends in game. So having no friends real life friends who play it is no excuse! True, I'm just so bad at making friends in an online game. That's what I thought too! I'm extremely shy and bad at socializing, but between just hanging out in cities, doing dungeons/farm parties, and being in my freecompany, I made friends super easy! Especially in my FC. They really made me feel welcome .

Try joining a social FC and you'll make friends easy. Will the new update be coming to Xbox One soon? Thank you, I love you. I don't want to ruin your day, but it does not seem likely to happen anytime soon. The new expansion, up for 20 June, was also not announced to come for the One. This games on Xbox? Do they play by themselves ? I can't see an mmo splitting their player base. Microsoft ruined any and all chances for them to get the game on the xbox one. First they put up ridiculous terms. Needing tgeir own data center and servers for only xbox live members and wanting xbox live as a requirement.Guys, he's just a troll lol he literally been putting this comment on every post.

I'd love to get back into FFXIV

SE knows how much I want this job and won't stop teasing it at me. Just put it in already. T_T I need dat rp development. Mega Uber ultra supreme bird mount! Happy New Year YoshiP and all the FF staff! Have they changed the repetitive battle system yet? About time my favorite class comes to FFXIV. Buy FFXIV Gil  That looks like Bayonetta's second haircut About time my favorite class comes to FFXIV.. Is that the bird mount for getting all the bird mounts? So what exactly is the rdm for ffxiv? I like that FF14 has a subscription. It keeps the whiny, entitled, complaining morons out of the game. Keeps it nicer for the rest of us! Plus who the hell can't afford £9 a month? That's what, two beers?

Confirmation Phoenix mount. It didn't say SAM or BLU confirmed I am not pleased. pls let samurai be a melee attacker instead of a tank. You will be mine, oh yes.... you will be mine. cheap FFXIV gil  People thinking this is a confirmation of blue mage are fucking retarded. 100 XP boost for a week would be a welcomed gift . Thanks for all pee wee jokes for the New Year event. And I'm here just thinking I want a phoenix mount. I want a new healer class that isn't a cookie cutter class.Heavensturn is nearly upon us! Join the celebrations starting on Dec. 31!

For you its 9, for me is 9x5 due to foreign exchange rate so its little to big for some people who are not trolls but want to play...You say it keeps out trolls and such but I see the same amount of toxic players in P2P, B2P and F2P. Only difference is that those on P2P also usually treat anyone who doesn't play their P2P game like trash.I've already had to change servers once because of elitist people who think that they pay for my subscription luckly I'm talking to some nice people right now but nice people are hard to find. Stu Wilks I love this community but there is always that one random out there who is feels entitled to the fastest Dungeon run possible.

I'd love to get back into FFXIV, already bought the subscription but my launcher is refusing to install HW. Everytime I try, I get an error. ahh this happens every time... :'( was so keen to get back into things.Patrice Alexandria Guerrero ask a buddy to upload the boot directory to some where. i also did that a few times for my FC buddy's and that did help.Plus some in-game purchases... This game is way too expensive and nothing special compared to other MMO's who offer the same features like this 1... Very disappointed from square Enix.. Seeing them like money wanting Corp. That makes only games to make on the 1st place.. However I need to give it up to SE for being able to make so many events, prizes, updates, dungeons, area and content in general. We have SO many events every year. New years, Valentine's day, anniversary (can't remember the in game name), summer, easter, halloween, christmas, not to mention other event along the way.

ffxiv is down a lot over the past year

Jillian it is because every patch people come on here and bitch and whine that nothing is changing. Of course it isn't changing in a patch they've had this laid out for awhile. Game play changes come with expansions. We saw a big change with 3.0 I'm sure we will see an even bigger change with 4.0.

Dungeon. Get stones. Buy new gear. Repeat every 3 months. Same old content, boring.anything interesting?  FFXIV Gil  I NEED that hairstyle on that Miqo'te. Fix the game stop recycling content. The repetitive questlines reskinning dungeons same content pretty much every update like tower then new coil then new summon with new extreme it's the same thing over and over and over work for best crafting gear then 3 months later buy better then 3 months later new campaign crafting gear I used to love the game and I understand progress and moving forward but imo their recipe is broke very little variety.

This is how MMOs are, kind of why they're dying. Cody Moore Here's some freebies, Ctrl+C Ctrl+V them when you need. One-time use only!Buy FFXIV Gil  ,,,,,,,,,.........!!!!!!???????;;;;;;;; Felipe Cotti even though you're an idiot I don't play this game anymore do your comment Is past irrelevant. Lol this game is far from dying. I wouldn't say MMO'S are dying. Millions of people still play them lol. Actually population on ffxiv is down a lot over the past year but dead it's not. Cody Moore Thats normal as current expansions get to their end cycle. Numbers go up and down in all MMO'S. New expansion soon. As well as 3.5 update.

if it's dying as you said, dont you have better thing to do than keep on following it? that's a very unhealthy mindset you know? "Actually population on ffxiv is down a lot over the past year" in rebuttal of the argument you direct to Dave and Gabriel which their statement reinforce the said argument of the game is not dying. Forgot to put in there "but dead it is not" in that sentence.. Read a little.

FFXIV keep giving mounts or boarding or weapons every year

Also Lala based recipes for cooking! Nom nom Lala Pizza. or pay 27 dollars to get the skin . Yay, more stupid glamour. Well, they're not going.to keep giving mounts or boarding or weapons every year. They gotta give out bits and pieces, each year, for every event...so, that in about another five years time, you can have an extremely festive house/character. cheap FFXIV gil  Or haunting for Halloween, or egg related for easter. All that matters is cat people. Aww they look super cute ^ ^No counter to play this, why Howie's game shack why do you not have ffxiv on your systems Q.Q. Yay new optional event items selling on the mogstation.

Now what I'm selling is worthless.  I really like the outfits this year. Me, too! I was kind of surprised; I didn't think I'd care much for what's basically a "Santa coat," but I actually really like it.  It looks good enough to glamour for any magic class, or just for the winter. What where is my lala pulled mount at. 

The kitties do look prettier than the rest. The kitties do look prettier than the rest. They are very cutesy. I'd resubscribe if I could get your crappy loader to work. I can't log in, unable to confirm version check Buy FFXIV Gil . Time to play some more. Some day I'll play FFXIV again. I'm so far behind it would take what feels like FOREVER to catch up. Caldwell looks like my character lol. Hope the Christmas event is fun. They were voted top Halloween event this year, even beat Wow's. Did Wow actually do anything different this year? They normally do repeats. Not really, same event just had new rewards this year.

Definitely one thing I love about this game's seasonal events over WoW's - they are different every year, not just recycled. anything other than coins and sellable demi-materia in the daily quest? Do we get something better if we wait for christmas before we open them or it's just a present that's so lame it shouldnt be restricted to once every 24h? Yay! We finally get coats this year! Definitely one thing I love about this game's seasonal events over WoW's - they are different every year, not just recycled.

SE wants to make the FF7 Remake multiple full games

They ripped gladio/ignis & promptos plots to sell back as DLC but I assume they'll probably fill in gaps for certain people like varsteal(?). I was really pisssed at the under use of the emperor and ravus, I know they've said there working on new cutscenes for ravus but they need to flesh everything out more. Also don't put a time skip in and not show us all the characters we care about. I'd agree with the noctis POV if they didn't make a movie and anime explaining the plot and cutting to lunafreyas POV a few times during the story. Buy FFXIV Gil  If you don't like the story, make a better one and have SE read it over.

I think the story is just jumbled together from what was left over the old script when it was versus, thwy need a better team dealing with it. In multiple reports, the creators have said that they're gonna be patching in some new story content in the future, for free, and it's going to flesh it out more, but they need time, Voice acting and syncing up dialogue for multiple languages isn't easy. it's quite bad though that it's launched like this though, I can undestand it taking time to dub/animate etc but it really needed another year of brewing tI'll release.

Skyler Foxx gotta watch the movie to understand. shut up hater, no one cares about your opinion, people are enjoying this game so far and for me the story is PERFECT. If you don't like go play Life Is Strange, cheap FFXIV Gil there is a good story for you there. I have and enjoyed life is strange though, I actually bought it twice, I don't think being disappointed and hater are the same thing though, flaws are flaws. And then people wonder why SE wants to make the FF7 Remake multiple full games to avoid cutting story. Ps1 rpgs are bigger then any games on any console or PC from like Ps2/3 era and up. Lol.

The story is one of the much better stories in FF. And one of the better set of characters. But yes, It feels rushed, and unfinished. They had already maxed out the blu ray. So I wonder if how short and undetailed it is, Due to it being cut? Or if Tabata and team just never actually got to truly finish the game. Just like how you cant really go into some of the areas of the game. Yet anyway. Like... Tenebrae. Feels unfinished. Not to mention the constant jumping around. Didn't say "soon enough"...actually said" will take quite a while". David Bankson - In comparison to 10 years, it's nothing

doing BNS moonwater coast faction quests to get 5 soulstones to upgrade the razor

Make Chime great again! Any skimpy outfit for lyns? WHY WE CANT HAVE BLACK ARMY ? lel always those costumes . Please gv new costume.Best friend please. how to redeem a winback coupon? i have no code. Nice alright & thanks. Got a stage 6 turtle done in MSP my first time...disconnect right before I get credit..... Its very hard to get in on a stage 6 run...it's time like these that makes me hate you so very very much. Where is The Great General outfit :'C

jsut make a dps sit andchill. Next large update I believe. Ruins of Khanda Vihar arrives December 7 with a new epic questline, the Naryu Foundry dungeon, new Legendaries, and refinements to Buy Blade and Soul Gold other upgrade paths and costs. thats exactly why i left the game, updates are cool and everything but omg you dont even allow players to get used to the new content b4 releasing new one, only migrators from the korean version might benefit the most out of the new areas.

Meh, I'm still farming the infernal lord and doing moonwater coast faction quests to get 5 soulstones to upgrade the razor (I need 50). That's exactly the same thing I thought when I saw the new update like Cheap Blade and Soul gold.... Really? Let people new to the game catch a breath... I would rather think the old players who has played the game from the start and are very geared and have done all dungeons. New players can breath elsewhere than in this dungeon. Or be active and get geared. It's up to you if you want to rush or not and no one is forcing you. If you left the game, why do you even care.

This is what called "Games". Challenge accepted? this community cries too much oh my god, but lol i did the same. been playing since EU launch and i don't have a legendary anything yet with 675ap, but at least the dungeons that drop legendary accessories are profitable for skilled players who clear and get a loot auction war, it's how someone like me makes the gold tbh.

FFXIV The Real Steps of Salt

The Real Steps of Salt. Just because support ends it doesn't mean you won't be able to play. Just not 4.0. From what I remember at fan fest they said when 4.0 drops you'll no longer be able to log in with a ps3. They're changing the servers and the game Ui/architecture and the ps3 can't handle it. Okej that good! But sucks for you ps3 players lol. But like everyone else said ps4 isn't really expensive now especially with BF coming up and cyber monday.

Bring world of final fantasy to pc or mobile , or feel my wrath commies. yeah what a sale, with 33$ of shipping, cheap FFXIV gil   you might as well go somewhere else to buy them. All I want to do is play, but your downloader has decided to give me error codes at the 1 gig mark....What about some discount on monthly subscritions? not that anyone is asking.better be getting that Heavensward. I like how it's not just one day, gives me time to get money together for that, lol.

i am so glad i didn't buy heavensward last night. You have no excuse now. optional in game itens with discount plz Buy FFXIV Gil . Sooooo... no possible discount on steam??? p_p I got FF9 and 13 from the SE store today and they gave me steam keys! Not sure if FFXIV would be the same.It says it is not compatible with the Steam version of ARR. I'm not gonna throw down $10 for a version I can't use .-. FF14 will not be the same. The Steam version is not compatible with standalone.

Aww, yeah that sucks. The steam version of that game is awful for that reason alone. My dumbass didn't know that a month or two ago and I dropped 20 bucks on the bundle. Funny thing is, I didn't even get the bundle and when asked about it, customer support didn't detect that I purchased it. Even though the 20 was still taken out of my account. Can someone tell me what's The difference between the steam versión to SE versión? Pls. What about steam's version? No discounts?