FFX is the greatest game

The no encounters helps with the dodging, but even i agred, most annoying part of FF X, and and the stupid tower .  Actually they announced that saves will carry across all versions of the game, problem solved.  It lacked the freedom and exploration that previous games in the series allowed FFXIV gil

 FF8 was really good about the whole open world feel. There werethings you couldnt get if you didnt stray from the story line which i kinda liked and hated buy FFXIV gil. In terms of sale though, it hasn't beaten FF7 which is why they haven't remade 7.FFX is the greatest. i was playing it earlier today and it just keeps wow-ing me. my favorite thing about the game is the perfect balance everywhere.

Well, for sure one of the greatest FF but the 7 was the best EVER! If only they could make a HD Remaster... That would break all records.  If they totally remade ff7 into today's graphics you Damn sure know it will be a success.