Neople wants FP system in DFO

Indirectly FP gives you the opportunity to experience another aspect of dfo, the mercenary part. Level your alts..i can't make it through all my alts FP in one day(I like to go outside and enjoy it i guess lol) but other things are tower and pvp. I am glad it was out with the Blitz and in with the FP, I have gotten to play things I normally wouldnt otherwise, thanks Dungeon Fighter Online.  FP system seems pretty fair DFO Gold.

Though, to be fair, people haven't left because its boring. They..mostly left because of FP.  Let them leave. The game will do just fine without them spamming megaphones all day about how they "hate FP", "hate Neople" or buy DFO Gold "down with FP". Good riddance.

Because games survive so well without players? Exactly. A lot of people won't even try it because of FP. The fp system does get in the way when you have odd hours, work 16 hours a day but then have a whole day off. Not like you can save the fp from the day before.