FP system that ends in 156

Extremely likely yes, as other versions already have FP recovery in the Cera shop as well as even more daily activities to increase FP even for just 1 character. I'm finding that FP feels about right at my current level, 56. It was mostly a headache when I was leveling on lower level stuff. Would you perhaps consider a scaling FP system that ends in 156 but starts at say 256 until buy DFO Gold a certain level?

Any chance the awakening requirements might change? The pure amount of stuff required is crazy. It makes  DFO Gold seals worth a silly amount and can be very off putting to gather 60 chaos frags that only sometimes drop. Sharron doesn't help by having a quest that will turn the fragments into something else before you know you need then in their unrefined state. Any modifications would be appreciated.

Can we talk about the quest to awaken real quick? The drop rate for most of those mats are ridiculous. Either up the drop rate for the items, or cut down the amount of items. People are making a killing off the items as well, destroying the ingame economy,because nobody can get them to drop often enough.