game play of dx12

Not realy lol it is the operating system people use like windows 7 which is not capable of dx12. Even on the pc a lot of new games will be in the dx11 format. It will be a good while before dx12 to become a norm. Since it is a mmo that fact it is upgrading this quickly after its re-release ( a little over a year and a half buy FFXIV gil) is still pretty good considering most mmo's do not update their game's graphic content for a long while if at all.

I love being PC master race, but it's people like you that give us a bad name. So the ps4 will get the upgrade as well right? not dx11 but graphics update? Right? i mean if not that's going to piss me off abit since i knowthe ps4 can handle it. That and i did not update to the ps4 ver just to have it fall behind in looks so soon FFXIV Gil.

PS4 will get a upgrade. Yoshida stated it. will this change happen automatically with an upgrade? I hope they'll keep the 9 version client available for those who have old hardware, but it's legit to think that they'll just move to 11 at some point.