why DFO is region blocked

I am not mean that there is something wrong with Chinese. Just wanting to say that people who break this game's balance. Because we can always see that people say "sell gold and join in QQ GROUP". I really hate them. For people who break the rule but not for Chinese. I am a Chinese as well. Ban China, they have their own version of DFO so there is NO reason for them to be here unless of course they are DFO Gold sellers/hackers.

 We should share some love to Chinese people though, I mean look at how Tencent runs the game, they even cut down your inventory slots.Me being Chinese would agree that all IPs from China should be banned (which they are), and their VPNs. They have no reason to be in DFO if they live in mainland China. Not saying that they sell gold, but you know what I mean if you buy Dungeon Fighter Gold ever partied with any in ToD or arena.

 There is a reason why DFO is region blocked. They can play at their own regional server. Nexon NA was the main reason the old DFO NA got shut down. FYI there are American gold sellers too. Anywho, when you see people selling gears @ 30m upward when we're barely in beta there is something wrong.