DFO gold sellers

So you're implying DFO Gold sellers and hackers are on the same level as ISIS who behead people, throw indifferent people off buildings, mass murder, and mass rape town after town buy DFO Gold. Oke then, good luck with that.

Just bann those annoying people spam in towns ill be happy, so sick of it and keep getting whispers they can take their gold shove it u know where.

To the people who complain about how banning won't work: Thhen what do you suggest? If you know something Neople doesn't, don't you think you ought to turn that over to them? If not, your statement is just as useless as the bans are. Its worse still is that you're contributing to the problem by withholding helpful information

all solutions are temporary, this is blatantly obvious. Even if we all told on every hacker we know, that won't stop people from getting better hacks. The only thing we can do is to make things as difficult as possible for people to hack. There are no "1-size-fits-all" solution to this problem.