Overboil is designed only for use til the boss room

So I should just change Overboil to do damage to elite monsters too? The only issue you mentioned I see is the ignore elite monsters and bosses, but then the skill would be too OP. I guess I can still do it, since it is a 10 min CD. 3cc is not a lot. It is more than 2, yes, but what difference does it make. They would look cool. Hell I could even tell them how it should look, but not show them since I am a potato when it comes to programming cheap DFO Gold .

Either way, I think the skills are cool and would be well executed. Neople can do some tweaks if they ever decide to take my idea, I do not mind.

Basically what Im saying is, the way u got Overboil is designed only for use til the boss room...and completely useless against named bosses. Its not often that I see people use  DFO Gold  such strong skills against trash mobs. They usually save it all for the boss...unless there is too much trash (or too many tanky mobs) in one area. Im not knocking your idea tho...just giving you some insight to the idea (as I would expect for mine).