DFO Male Striker

I don't see how Male Striker is at a disadvantage unless you spam skills and burn all of your mana too quickly. They're a different way of playing, but I don't find them underpowered. Like Aganzo says, a true man uses only regular attacks; this applies completely to striker.

I've just commonly heard people say that DFO Gold male fighter in general is inferior to female fighter, and striker even moreso. .-.

I'm only like lv25 right now anyway lol.  I think they should change the MP consumption on some skills because I spam Low Kick after the 2nd basic attack. Also Muscle Shift is hard to master for me because it isn't like Monk's Dry Out that  buy DFO Gold can cancel into only one other skill at a time instead of chaining more than 3 skills like Elemental Bomber. I don't know, my shitty opinion and experiences. I don't know if they should change the MP cost on a skill just because somebody wants to spam it . I want the female slayer because the female slayer is what i want. How about more non cube skills for slayer/zerker eh?

Mechanics should have a skill where they mount a large bipedal robot, like a Metal Gear, or Vile's walker. I say reskin the early classes! Bring their graphic quality up to date!