Mechanic call a Air Strike in DFO

Mechanic call a Air Strike, damaging a arena that Mechanic set for 2s with galinggun, make enemy under fire slow 60% last attack calling a RPG strike there to laught air everything upon air. When will the Alt Skills be unlocked? also, Rangers need to be able to either lock or change commands for raising windmill... it actually hinders more then helps most of the time when trying to escape. specially when there's an environment piece between you and safety. which doesn't let you slide to buy DFO Gold safety but instead makes you use raising windmill if you hold x for to long when auto attack is checked in options.

As an Asura, I'd like a status infliction, like Chrono-Panoply, that inflicts a defense-lowering debuff every strike.  Its kinda pointless because of second awakening and cube contracts but I'd like for the asura to have some kind of elemental wave mastery that allows him to switch his waves between water or fire element cheap dfo gold . I personally want an all fire asura kinda like how the kunoichi is. The freezing benefit for ice wave is cool but it cramps my style when I've named my character something fire related. If that's too hard at least give murderous wave the chance to burn or freeze enemies that get effected by it.

I wanna see some skills like stuff from World Trigger DFO gold ! I'd like to see f. spitfires being able to do multiple jumps in a row...ohwait, that already exists, we just need it here.