DFO Time gate opening requires 10 DFO gold cubes

Time gate opening requires 10 DFO gold cubes and the AH is closed til weekend.. i sense a problem.

30 seems to be a more manageable level for this sort of restriction, and I appreciate the removal of material restrictions; perhaps the prices on the stalls will deflate due to this. However, I'd still heavily recommend putting in place a more restrictive account creation process so that less bots may be created in the first place.

Materials are really important in the game's economy. Any chance for any dungeon fighter wear, good way to advertise cheap dfo gold  and you guys can make money without changing the in game situation.

I'm glad Materials will be coming back, it's getting really old seeing prices for everything skyrocket since it went down, gold cubes went from 6k to 30k in just a few days, lol. I hope this does work, because gold bots really do suck. Personally just Axe the Auction House guys, it will destroy alot of bots and gold farmers, even thought they can just open shop in trade, rather have that then see insane prices in AH destroying the system, make global npc's for cubes, potions, etc.