why neople ban dfo gold hackers

I am right there with you. 1 more day and I would have hit 70. Nothing we can do unfortunately as they have removed all those events from the game. Troll post is troll post. When the cash shop goes up, and an influx of over $1,000,000 goes into their DFO gold  bank account. There's No stopping DFO. It will be around till the end of time.

I wish I was bad at the game too, maybe then I would hack frown emoticon Oh wait I was bad once upon a time, but I never had to hack though. Sucks to be you Mr.KR name. Dfo never ban me because they don't really care. All they do is just restrict some features to block. They do care, hacker. And they'll catch you just like they catch so many others. Again, it's only a matter of time.

It's funny though. You don't have the balls to play legitly. You're too scared of EARNING your stuff. lol.It's okay. Just because he failed in every other aspect in his life, has to get his satisfaction somewhere, right? I actually don't play this game. I was trolling buy DFO Gold 

. But yeah they might close this game down. Not right now but in future.

And no, they won't close the game down. They are already doing way better than Nexon did. Nexon didn't even TRY to deal with the hackers, botters and gold sellers/buyers.Neople, however, IS trying. Because of that, this game has an extremely great chance of being a success. So I wouldn't worry so much.