Vallecre needs a damage buff

I think Vallecre needs a damage buff neople it's so low in these high dungeons even with the +12 we got as a trail and in pvp it's super not fair vs high end classes like striker please fix pvp for necromancer it's my main class and would like to see them prosper in pvp and do better in pve as well DFO Gold.

Aside from the classes, I love the art work more. I know there has been at least one or two at books made  Buy DFO gold (I think I have the first one). Is there any chance of making a newer art book that has all the newest character class additions and background art, and have it available for purchasing in North America? Shadow Dancer is Bae, thats all. I wish she had been developed sooner though frown emoticon.

Hey Neople a lot of classes got revamped in the later patches, would it be possible to release all 2nd awakenings at once, waiting a really long time for the rouge revamp is gonna suck. Thanks for all your doing.  l want dungeon difficulty Medium Expert Master King Slayer and level cap 86 ? the tweaks might come sooner considering how all the classes up to Priest have their 2nd awakening patch revamps. I'm hoping that it doesn't take too long for the winter balance patch buffs to arrive.