buying dfo gold makes it faster to get stuff

Actually, gold sellers make things more difficult to get.. The more people who buy gold, and have millions upon millions, the more items actually seem to sky rocket in price! And this makes it harder for legit players to get anything at all... This was one of the many nails in the coffin of the old DFO.. No. Everything was already high. DFO gold

. Sellers made it easier to get these expensive items and get high damage weapons easier.

I played dfo from the first season, things were NOT already high in price... It happened over time. I'm not trying to sound like an asshole cheap DFO Gold , but take some pride in your account and say, EARN things? Stop being lazy, without any regard for anyone except for yourself... yes, buying dfo gold is tempting and it makes it faster to get stuff, but in the long term, it only hurts the game... If you love dfo, support Neople, not gold sellers. well I have alot going on and can't be on 24/7 that's why I try to find fastest ways to get things done in video games. nowadays. just wait. things will be high even without gold sellers and that's just gonna make things harder. and can't get them as fast. players will still sell things for high prices. not everyone has the time needed to farm gold. which also takes too long anyway. I support both tho but that's just me. but neople needs to make a site of their own so people can still buy gold when needed especially for ones that have jobs that don't always have the time they want to farm gold like the teens and younger people do.

You can buy OFFICIAL cards and sell them for dfo gold... Think outside the box? If you don't have time to put into the game, that isn't anyone else's problem except your own.. Buying gold is just lazy, and stupid... Plus, you don't have to be on all but what? a couple hours to use all FP on a character... I'm not even on "24/7" and I get plenty of crap done... I think people like you, use that as an excuse and are just simply too lazy and impatient..