Katryn Dracarys or Morgaine Pendragon

it's too late I'm playing since release and I'm addicted and want to see the end of this (already pre-ordered Heavensward)...so if anyone needs a il 130 whm that will not leave her fc (I'm a fc leader so I really can't) send me a tell smile emoticon ( Katryn Dracarys (main) or Morgaine Pendragon buy FFXIV gil  (alt)). At least do stuff like coil with only 4 people...8 is too much. The problem is Rossella what most of those sellers do is illegal...since they also sell gil for real money FFXIV gil...so u can buy their runs. I have some names if u guys on Square wanna know ^^ Besides why are people so cocky that can't help? I love to help and being able to help without a full party is reward enough for me...I just love to solo heal...dps and tank with my dear whm.

Will there be no benchmark for mac client...? It was announced when the benchmark/character creator launched that there would be no mac version.I originally bought the game through Steam and now cannot purchase the physical CE without wasting the game codes. Seems fair.Maybe you shouldn't have bought the Steam version of the game.Maybe they shouldn't have offered it on steam if they weren't going to offer a full product tongue emoticon.