DFOG news on F.Slayer

How about some DFOG news on F.Slayer? I hope everytime f.slayer gets asked about, they speed up OV and Anton and delay f.slayer another couple months. I remember this lol.

A Naver blogger called 'bnbdlaalsdn' posted interesting avatar fit. Elsa and Jack Frost look-alike avatars buy DFO gold ! Of course, they are not the genuine licensed ones from animated shows.What animation character can you mimic with avatars?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica colonthree Without the speedos. I'll take it WITH them, thanks cheap dfo gold. We have enough tits-and-ass fan service in this game, and meanwhile all the dudes are usually fully-dressed. Gets kinda old to see such an imbalance. tongue. An old picture, was supposed to be Terry Bogard.Dat flaming buster wolf. now that I can get into! Power Guyser! i should make a monk iori or a fighter k-dash would be awesome. Because there's liscencing issues that come with this. This was made completely using avatars already in store of the game. It's more like fan made, over writing over coding. *they are not the genuine licensed ones from animated shows*. I've found a male fighter that looked like a male gunner before. But seriously I'm gonna spend too much on getting my Rare Avatars again </3. Love you Neople. All she needs is some tea and a butler.

My old monk looking like Akuma. yeah too bad street fighter isn't well known and btw i want this mod so bad . the avatars used are actually from the game smile. This game isnt fun anymore, but keep up the good work. Which ever character looks like F. Slayer.