ff14 digital version heavensward bought off of PSN

I' m waiting they mail my code to be able to download. I got the phisical copy so I need to reeem the code they will send via email. A lot of people dont know what they talk about. I already downloaded heavensward client on psn with the (second given) code. Can you post a link to the correct site, Paul? So far not finding anything productive. Getting the same error message as everyone else.

again people wanting codes after they pre ordered NEED TO MAKE SURE THEY LOG INTO (SQUARE ENIX) NOT MOG STATION THEN SELECT PROFILE AND THEN CLICK THE BIG RED TAB THAT SAY HEAVENSWARD EARLY ACCESS AND IT WILL BRING UP A PAGE WITH THE CODE ON IT. Sup bros. Staying up just to be among the 1st in the expansion cheap FFXIV Gil , hoorah! Pre ordered with Gamestop. Got a pre order code but still haven't gotten my early access code that needs to be entered in the PSN store. Getting worried here...

You, me & probably other pissed/disappointed people, Oscar. For you aussies out there, i preordered HW from eb games and they printed out a code on my receipt for early access. What about when you pre-order it from the website? When do you think they will send you the code?

Hmm thats a tough one as i dont know from experience, but i'd imagine if they already sent it to you, theyll email it on the 19th buy FFXIV gil . Still haven't got it yet.. hopefully they send it soon...  I was worried about that, so i decided to just order the physical copy and i specifically asked about the early access, which worked. Well i pre-order mine on the website which is a ce edition like 2 months ago.. so i hope they send the code.