FF VII have to much remakes

FF VII have to much remakes, but many classics than, FF IV, FF V and FF VI. Don't have no one 3D Remake or shomething like this. FF7 hasn't had a remake it's been rereleased however every other game you mentioned have been remade from their originals... Final Fantasy VIII was my favorite game ever, even to this day!! A remake of that would be nice. They've already remade both of those games buy FFXIV gil

... If you're expect a 3d remake don't hold your breath the originals weren't 3d.

Those were ports, not remakes. Same mechanics, just a few items/jobs/bosses added.

And III and IV received remakes which were also in 3d. (IV also had voiceover.) Your point? ERMAHGAAARD. Please square enix, please dont ruin this. make it awesome, and turn based, make it the same game but pretty! I can't believe it's finally happening! Not going to even look at comments because I know there are going to be haters hating or making insults and what not cheap FFXIV gil  ! Thank you Square-Enix so much for making this remake a reality! I look forward to hopefully seeing Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF XV tomorrow!! Bro, we need to accept that ff6 and chrono trigger are better than ff7 XD, I love ffvii. It's my 1st final fantasy game... but I have to agree with Eduardo lol. FF8, but if people want to say these things about 7 then I totally don't mind. FFVII was my first RPG, that's probably why I love it so much Eduardo.