EA heavensward early access

Whatever you ruined the game with early access just to make an extra buck. almost every game does early access why u so salty bro? They don't get anything extra with pre-orders. They reassure sales with EA and you had the same opportunity. How? Whether its at launch or early access you'll still have hundreds of people grinding from 30-60 in two days cheap FFXIV gil ... They arent charging extra for it either, its a pre-order bonus... Dont blame se for people flooding the servers they expanded the servers and yet WE still effed it up shouldve seen the servers for arr.

Early access doesnt cost you anything.. just gives u access to content 4 days b4 its officialy released sooo...  Look, its everyone that wasted their money lol. Lol, and our time... Don't you have something better cheap FFXIV Gil to do? poor avery mustnt be able to afford buying the expansion so is salty.

 Was totally worth it since I only get to play weekends! Level 56 and loving it~ o wanted this til I found out about subscription. It's been a subscription model for 5 years... Best subscription based game I've ever played.  Think of it this way: it's $12 a month for your entertainment budget. I spend more than that going out to the movies or for dinner for a few hours. And for the sub fee you get TONS of gameplay. Additionally, they update (big) content patches every 3 months or so...money well spent imo! Lol I dont really get into games with subscription, thats y ive never played WOW. subscription based games have far better communities then free to play games have.. and we continually get content updates monthly so gettin alot out of our 43c a day subscriptions.  Even if it didny have subscription still not free to play, still gotta pay $50 at gamestop xD.

You are missing out then. It is worth the subscription fee. sorry to hear, theres a reason sub games last longer.