Shaun Flynn, thought you'd find this pretty cool. Heavensward, FFVII remake, FFXV, KH3, World of FF... it's a good time to be an FF fanboy. Lets just pray that they don't make VII and XV  cheap FFXIV gil like that monstrosity of a game XIII was.. Can't agree with you more Brett.  some of us are fan girls, can't forget us kiki. I love ff i have em all but 11 and 15. Also possible ffv and ffvi remake since he wondered why he skipped them!!

That's my guy right there.. He used to yell "it's over 9000" and "it's morphing time" before he'd do his signature move buy FFXIV gil . Been playing a year and a half, only level 47. You realize how much he works? So I work up to 60 hours a week and have 3 kids, I manage to level. He travels more than you to. Not everyone has the time to level on their hands. it must be nice to have off time tho he doesnt have off time you do know how much they train right? the travel? just saying he works WAY harder than you ever will know. He works differently than I do, sure. Harder? You have no grounds to question my work ethic.

He definately works harder than you. He is on the road 300 days of the year doing shows, working the gym, doing PA, and is also earning his PHD. Cool, you're a higher level. He literally has 3 days to himself each week and it's not always at his house so he doesn't always have access to play that game. On top of that it's not like he immediately is going to remember what exactly he was doing since he has to remember incredibly important stuff including his wrestling routines. Who cares we are all playing the game, that's all that matters. He also said he plays at home on the road and is playing constantly. What ever his idea of constantly is he should be max by now. Been playing for a year and a half and have 5 toons at 50 and my main is 55.

He's a casual gamer with a demanding job. Also, not everybody wants to grind straight through the game. I, for one, like to take my time, invest in everything, and really take it all in; the world, the quests, the story, time with friends, etc. I've been an MMO vet since the early days of FFXI, and in all my years playing all of these different MMOs, I've never really seen the point in waiting years for a game to be created just to rush to the end of it in a week.