FFXIV heavensward testing result

In this situation I actually think Andrew did the right thing. Yes you waited a long time to speak to him but forgetting what email you attached the account to, and then forgetting a fake DoB means you didn't have all the information that was required. Then you got rude to him because you buy FFXIV gil didn't provide him with all the details so he rightly ended the conversation there. To Andrew you just looked like a scammer trying to get into someone's account, so he did exactly his job. Maybe this can be a decent lesson for the future to you to make note of what emails you have and what's attached to them as well as note down somewhere what fake details you want to use then you can avoid this mistake from ever happening again.

Well thanks Robert for your input, but I just got an email from FFXIV support team apologizing for Andrew's actions and they sent  cheap FFXIV Gil me the information to my account, because I was right a security question was all that was needed so I provided them with that and it all worked out okay.

Awww not at anime expo?! But at comic con?  forget the delivery moogle i want these when theyre out. Remove the fucking hunts its bad for the game and not a good way to get gear. Thank god I can always go back to arcanist to use them and with a glow. Been on support line for 50 minutes waiting for someone to pickup, good job SE. Try the support live chat, it worked for me.  Thing is I can't even access my account to make a ticket for live chat because they locked my account to suspicious activity because I moved from VA to Illinois so its a different IP so I'm sure it raised a red flag. I'm not 100% sure but as I recall you don't have to log in with your account to use their live chat...here is the link to their support site: https://support.na.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=5382&la=1.  I see that, I got on there, says 50 minute wait. We will see whats up, thanks man.