SE MMO stagnant

Please fix AST - RNG based bread and butter abilities is just astounding. Coming from someone who enjoys the TRUE progressive side of raiding. There is no way to argue viability with how inconsistent AST is in the current meta - Not to mention mana issues are through the roof  buy FFXIV gil - Some of us were VERY excited for the new classes: The same 2 tanks and 2 healers in EVERY group makes this MMO stagnant at times. And it looks like it's gonna be THE SAME roles ALL over again: SCH/WHM for heals and WAR/PLD for tanks - Why introduce new classes if they can't even be considered into a end-game environment?

I feel like SE was trying to avoid another Ninja op release with the 3 new jobs lol. So now theyre all pretty average in gameplay.

Most people who picked up DRK never bothered to watch anything about how to play it or how to tank. That's why I didn't hurry into EA other than to level up while content streamers were working on putting out videos cheap FFXIV gil . Drk is normal and fun, I don't understand how people struggle. I've cleared everything in current content right now - Bismark EX and Ravana EX - I didn't say it wasn't possible - I said it's lack luster. And come savage modes, it's going to be VERY hard to argue viability. Everything you argued is basic common knowledge. Point being ANY TRUE progressive raiders are going to find NO REASON not to take SCH/WHM - It's better, it's consistent. End of story. Please take your casual state of mind argument somewhere else. Lol, if that's all you got from my reply, I can see why you're complaining about AST. And yes, I'm a casual, excuse me for enjoying the game the way I want it to.

There's only so much one can gather from so little being said. Not gonna waste more of my time here. ^^ If you wanna be an elitist little crybaby complaining about a supposed inconsistency of a class you clearly know nothing about, go ahead. People like you are the reason the community of this game is toxic as hell.