Free Aion 2-days-goldpack

Free 2-days-goldpack for your patience
During the last weeks, we had to schedule several special maintenances to fix specific things like Pangaea, Veteran leveling and events.
Even though the included reset of instances is perceived as a positive thing by lots of you, of course these maintenances weren’t pleasant for Aion Kinah players who were online at that time and had to leave instances.

We wanted to say thank you for your understanding and your patience. In addition to just saying so, we'd like to give out a free 2-days-goldpack for every account that has been logged in within the last 28 days.
You will soon receive an ingame message for the last character that has been logged in on your account.

Because EU aion is free to play , u pay nothing to play , and If u want to open some features u must buy gp then . and did u play na aion buy Aion gold 

b4 comparing to EU ? Do u know how many bots are spamming lfg chat about gold ? The players block list is full and bots are keep coming everyday . and EU hasn't got any bots anymore , I haven't seen any of them in a while . so assuming gp is good thing.

Peter Brsteac The GP system is very good against bots. smile emoticon And it should stay like it is.

Also the EU servers have more players than NA servers,but they are spread out,because EU has 98989999 servers. If EU would have just 4 servers like NA does, EU servers would be mega full.

PS: Try to pvp on NA servers without that Prestige Pack . I think you are right with those 98989999 servers, if would be less would be better. But for now is awful going in a war 93 ppl vs 300... its not funy. To be honest I saw on EU also bots, a bit rare that is true but they exist on integrated server. Prices in market are hight also because are low ppl on it.