Aion Critical Love Story By Heart Shot

Critical Love Story By Heart Shot" - Olany, Elyos, Siel Server. I love you -I love you too my best friend" In game name: Yedu Server: Kahrun. Aion is our second life in a fantastic world!"
Character name: Bonny ; Sever: Kahrun. I once was a daeva like you, untill i took an arrow to the heart Aion Kinah  . Looks like im going to just have to become a Sanctum Guard. And she knew: not even Vaizel would hit her like that" Life is more than a game - Aion is like a life" character: lllGildartlll server: kr elyo How to catch a player girl." JackReacher - Siel

Is not love, is just an arrow into your heart.IGN: Nuev | Server: Siel. My love. Just kidding ? . I do not have an account asmodian. Shot thru the heart and your to blame you give love a bad name. "For the last are not Cupid and no, I am not marrying you!"~ ErinWolf on Israphel server . "Love can be deadly." IGN: TakeshixAya Server: Siel Faction: Elyos.  buy Aion gold  "Can you hear it? Oh crit.." - Mae, siel Shot through the heart! And you're to blame!

You idiot the training dummy is the other way!" Siel Elyos Evequeseance (the sexy sorc that photo dived the shot). Omg Ivana Campbell can't believe u submit this in XD. Your Arrow Cant Kill Me But Your Heart Will" US KR HA! shot thru the heart give love a bad name squint emoticon drakcoins Tiamat . Daeva's demanding back his arrow." - If You Want Kill Bots, One Arrowto the heart you should throw" .Aquamarinne, Siel . I used to work in Sanctum, you know? Until I took an arrow to the knee... The feels when you see that expensive skin you crafted on the BCM for cheap. I fear, sometimes, in spite of myself. And in spite of my beautiful, fully vaccinated baby" Mystoganr Tiamat-Elyo . I fear, sometimes, in spite of myself . "I thought she was a bot" - Isolde - TM Asmo . That's going to leave a mark.. You put the apple in the wrong place. WhiteWarrior, Tiamat.That's going to leave a mark. This isn't how you dye clothes red. broke my heart. drakouiinix. I guess she finally got the point. - Elayis / Siel / Elyos. "Shot through the heart
And you're to blame.Darling, you give love a bad name" thepalelady Israphel.