welcome FIFA 16

Parejo and casano are better then luka modric? Ea, please fix Ola Toivonen. Scan his face, or else! Guess who's #1...
Hint hint...He's the best playmaker... only two barca players. Happy Birthday . There is only 1 Ronaldo others are Penaldo Cheap FIFA 16 coins . Yes he can score headers, Penalties, tap ins and solo goals. He is Ronaldo, he can do them all. Both messi & ronaldo took 59 penalties for their team. Messi missed 13 while cr7 missed only 5 which proves both had their chances but messi missed it Buy FIFA 15 coins . Google it if u want proof. Peace. the real ronaldo. not the other photocopy which is penaldo. Carlos Andrés doesn't that make you gay? Penaldo is 2 worldcups behind R9. guys are stupid af saying hes the fake ronaldo He is CRISTIANO RONALDO.

You know you are GREAT when somebody tries to compare you with a LEGEND!!! i doubt u can score a penalty i bet u wish all ure goals were penalties and have 60 goals per season. Say what you want but Cristiano would shatter his goals per game ratio and he's a winger not a striker. CR7 has the name "Ronaldo" even before Ronaldo Nazário de Lima became a pro. Freddy Garcia Freddy Garcia Freddy Garcia. You have erned my respect sir. and there is another ronaldo, ronaldo from Qatar, and he sucks balls, that you boy. You jackass you have to know more about football. the banter levels are high with this one. r a bigger penaldo if u were a footballer. Here comes the butthurt madridiots with their penaldo comments.

There is only one Ronaldo, Ronaldo Angelim. Little boys these days! Go blow up a building instead. To welcome FIFA 16. We are offering 3 Gold Player Packs. This Promotion is only up for 72 hours. Login to claim your packs. Not better than Bendtner. Lord Bendtner. Show some respect. Did you know...Lord Bendtner was cheated out of his 1st Ballon D'Or by corrupted FIFA when he was 1 second old.

You really don't know who Ronald Delima his. I think its time we stop with this bentner jokes. I don't even know who bendtner is. yo TERRORIST son of a PIG , how r u? How dare u compare LORD with human!!! Haider of the Lord faggot - Hayat. "Lord Bendtner". Respect please! consult a psychologist. If zlatan says it then it must be true after all he is all knowing tongue emoticon lol