FFXIV Secondary stats will be randim since its pink items

For sure. I'm planning on switching worlds to join a friends FC to do savage without having to wait. We can get pink i210 gear from exploratory missions. Secondary stats will be randim since its pink items. You're the reason we don't have nice things. No, it's not, MMORPGs, are pointless to have without a raiding system. Having everyone get the best gear in a short time is a basic hand out, with no sense of achievement earning it. To obtain the best gear is work for it, this has been an iron rule in MMORPGs, since raiding was introduced. Michael... C'mon lol. I see your point cause reiding is challenging and those players deserve the best. I wish A savage would go on duty finder cause finding a team on pf takes a while (for me and some other players anyways).

Then seek a raid team, you stand no chance in downing A3S/A4S with a DF/PF cheap FFXIV gil . Rick Valentine "this is what turned off the player base" Um, considering "raiders" are like maybe 1-5% of the playerbase (maybe closer to 10% when new raid content is released), you're actually quite wrong. What turns off the player base is when the majority of the players can't get any gear comparable to the best because it's gated behind content they can't or don't want to finish Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil .

I agree that raiders should get something special for their efforts, but "exclusive access to the best gear" shouldn't be that. You already get it leagues before the rest of us anyway.No, this is what turned off the player base. If raiders get the best gear and other people obtaining the same level of gear with barely any dedication, raiding would be a waste of time. Alexander savage is fun but it's boring for people who don't have a team like me. So, I know how you feel. But to be honest ilv210 from alexander savage that have same look as ilv190 make me feel no different. Then at least let savage be a cue. I understand your point, Rick, maybe the new 24 man Reid will drop some awesome gear. It's dropping ilvl 200 gear. Alexander Savage, needs to remain the best for game balance. It isn't fair for groups to work super hard to down it, then end up being beaten with 10x easier alternatives. Not until 3.2 that is, etc, etc.