GW2HoT‬ in the rest of 2015

A look at the road ahead for ‪#GW2HoT‬ in the rest of 2015: If you really want to improve visibility, add options for cursor size and color. I lose mine frequently in the heat of battles and it's not always easy to find with everything going on screen. I heard you guys killed the guild vibe. Buy GW2 Gold  Making it so 500+ players have to be in the guild before you have your own guild hall. If you ask me, buzz kill.

That's not correct you can have two members claim a hall. Where you got that information Guild Wars 2 Gold? My friend just told me. He's been with guild wars ever since it came out. yeah what your friend said is completely wrong; even a two person guild can claim a guild hall. Wrong 411....we got our guild hall. We have 88 total guildies and about 1/3 of that actually participated in the take. We are already level 16. We had our guild hall with 6 people, so... don't worry, it's possible.

These "fixes" ought to be the OOM leak that keeps crashing the game. The game crashes 6+ times a day for me and I'm not the only one...
You need to also fix the loot system so it isn't map based in case a crash does happen. I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it is to loose all your efforts because of a crash and not being able to rejoin the map because it is full. Fix it that way you don't lose all your progress you'd done for the past 45 mins (looking at you Maguuma META).
I've lost so much loot and progress it is infuriating. Hours at a time Anet, HOURS wasted because of these crashes, then MORE hours trying to do it again to get achieves and play the new AND old content....
There needs to be fixes and apologies backed with something to compensate for the wasted time, and lost loot opportunities.

"General Bug Fixing, Polish, Balance, Performance, Etc."