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We're drawing closer to Spirit Vale. My Guild is ready for Raids >:] can't wait for the new Ui for them and for WvW. preview of legendary armor please. Where is everyone getting the 20fps from? I ran it at 50fps just fine. Samuel 'Samtastic' Zachos no,from my toaster. Lol, I do play with 20-something fps on the lowest settings... thanks to my old crappy laptop upset emoticon And I still consider it a success after playing for two months with barely 12 fps (but you know - at least I know it's possible xd) I have always 60 fps u are so rare... and i dont have a strong pc...just msi 700 Euros/ Back in my day we'd only managed breaching the stygian veil. Times sure are changing. I really hope the rewards are better than fotm/dungeons Cheap GW2 Gold .... And about the notice, i love raids...i want to play yeah!

Everyone hides behind the Necro Yum yum more content to devour. I'm very very hungry also. After this, please focus on the Ad-Hoc story.... Please. Still think it's dumb that you launched hot without everything advertised avaliable. You talk about new raids....but they aren't ready yet? Porque?!? Because they didn't do things in a way that makes sense with this expansion. It's so backwards asswards.

How would spoiling the story make sense? Furthermore Guild Wars 2 Gold, if raids were released right away, even more people would complain about the "grindy-ness" of masteries since they would be even more necessary yet not many people would have them.So A-net decided to hold off raids for a bit to give people a chance to attain masteries without feeling rushed. Seems strait forward to me. when does this become available? Have you been to Iam8bit's official ?#?GuildWars2? merchandise site? They have Guild Wars 2 t-shirts, art, and even a quaggan plush! love the quaggan! are there more site for official merchandise? Guild Wars 2 are they going to add more artowkr or? I love the t-shirts, although I wish the ranger one was a bit darker green. I like the idea that it's kind of "stealth" fandom - subtle enough that most non-players won't recognise it but anyone else who plays GW2 would know what it is instantly. Good thing to wear to cons (if you're not ambitious enough to go in costume) to see who reacts.