Some of the things in the Patch Notes look good

Might have been by mistake or confusion. With N/A datacentres being in Montreal. Who knows. But I don't live in Montreal, live about 5 or 6 hour flight west of that. Across the country lol.  I'm in Australia and i got an email from square Enix completely in French the other week. Maybe just ab accident. No Emperor's New Shield?! C'mon Sqex! You took my suggestion for the fist weapon, cheap FFXIV gil  why not the shield? :c (In pretty sure I'm not the only one who suggested a emperor's New fist weapon, but I did put in a suggestion for a shield and fist) Right as I'm getting back into my pokemon game, a new patch comes out xD sorry pokemon. Well if you're going to be able to pit minions against each other in the Gold Saucer it looks like you can have your cake and eat it too lol.

Some of the things in the Patch Notes look good - even for Players with characters at normal levels. Thankyou - especially for the ability to skip FFXIV Gil  that wretched long cutscene at the start. Hope that applies for each new character . Well that sucks. Hard to be disappointed, though. This is such a nice and beefy update. Um just chillin with a wish to the little producer genie at SE that one day we will get "Relic Gear" more than weapons... Thx it would be "Grind" worthy... Can I suggest that the quest called 'A Penitent Man' be scaled down so it can actually be completed by a level 30? I have done it twice now and needed a level 50 and 2 chocobos to manage it, plus my level 32 Arcanist. Way way over powered.

Actions Taken Against In-Game RMT & Other Illicit Activities (Nov. 5) = Nothing The mining bots are still going strong along with all the other farming bots! Loved the new notes! However you want to increase the means of gaining crafting items! Yes great indeed! How about you do the same with those sea,leaf, and landbornes! Those are just annoying to gather! spent so much time and yet to gain one of them. We all don't have this much free time SE.

RNG is bad enough when you spend what time you have and get a 90+% nq and Reclaim fails at 10% - Recent and i'm still sour over it. Lost a 2* OH. In an effort to curb RMT activities, the number of friend requests players can send per day (Earth time) will be limited to 5." FINAL FANTASY XIV I had to reset my PS3 and my Registration Code is no longer valid!!! and I have tried to contact you and I haven't had any answers from you! this game cost me too much and now I can't play it! what should I do?? I just lost the game and the money? I freaking out because I have sent emails, formularies, and even called! (which let me say, is never attending hours!) PLEASE!!!! this cannot happen! I NEED HELP!