Kane is finally stepping up in the league

With that frame of mind u would think anybody that picked B is an Arsenal fan... Let's just make it simple... Most impressive thing in all of BPL is Leicester City. Hands down. C for me. He is both scoring a lot and assisting a lot of goals. Vardy's achievements are equally as awesome though C-ryad mahrez very good start to the season, good dribbler , plays for the team, and consistent in performance, a real talent.

A : Vardy is a Striker, he should score goals Cheap FIFA 16 coins .

B :Arsenal bought Ozil for this reason which is creating chances for his teammates and providing Assists

C : he's in magnificent form, and surprised others by his goals and assists

Most Impressive premier league statistic player should be C FIFA 16 PC Coins   - Riyad Mahrez.... I miss Ozil (RM fan)With that isco who never pass,real won't win a damn game. A, B then C same order Vardy is taking the league by storm and it's great for England that a local player other than Kane is finally stepping up in the league. A) Jamie Vardy is absolutely the best this season, but C) Riyad Mahrez is also impressive. I would choose C under rated player who has the potential and talent to carry this streak on.

Vardy has already proved himself over the season that he is a under rated striker and he should wear a england shirt more than any other striker england have. Ozil has played for world class teams so he is expected to get assists bit don't think he will get many more than 16 assists this season.A & C because they are both underrated players who have stepped up there game. And if add up A & C on how much they cost the club to buy them, they are nowhere near on how much B costed so its a win win 1.4 mill mate vardy was a mill and we picked mahrez up for around 400-600k we took him from French lg 2.