NCcoins Blade and Soul Gold

i know how you feel yeiner xD after around 46 narrow runs to get my evolve weapon .. just to run out of keys and have to end up buying one for NCcoins .... i kinda feel connected to my work on that account xD. what happens is that most of the players (like me) have already played this game before on chinese, TW, and japanese servers... so it's a bit annoying when u have to start from the beggining over an over, we all kno what about this game is Buy Blade and Soul Gold. Founders pack didnt give the possibility to maintain beta progress either afaik. And get real, who would make such a stupid move to transfer to official release characters where you coul just buy ncoin items for free and got shitload of items just from surveys? Just think abou all the "he got founders so he is op now"shitstorm. guess you guys have never played a beta before...betas are here just and only for that reason to test the game...once the testing is done its you go you can play now...but all toghether and all the same...guys who have been playing in beta have so muchh advantage over non beta guys...just know everything you've experienced it once it'll be easy the second hate just saying

Thats why i said more knowledged but cmon, lemme keep my character, ive played it over 10 times in all servers. Ofc, this is how it works at every game! grin emoticon Don't act surprised. That's why it's beta! losing means doing it better next time in live game than we did in beta/TW/japanese/russian n chinese servers:) so im not mad at this :'D. Just about every game always ..once the cbt ends they reset everything so its fair to those who didn't have the chance to be in cbt. What don't you get about beta .. also read the founder's pack's list of what they include and use your head. Did people really believe there character would carry to real game Blade and Soul Gold  ?

Why are you guys even shocked? Do you know what beta even means? It's for the developers, not your entertainment. Stop thinking beta is super happy fun times I get early priveleges. You're a bug hound. Nothing else. What you have to remember is that there is a LIVE version of Blade and Soul that has been LIVE for several years already. The game works. They are really only testing for translation bugs. This closed beta does not need a live beta testing phase as a result.