i cant wait for next Blade & Soul close beta

5,953 Supporters thus far. Almost at 6k lets keep it up. 200k according to that link, but that's a huge number. how many signatures are needed before it's fulfilled?Hi Guys, id like to purchase a founders pack, but the page is CONSTANTLY down.. i cant even create an NC account because that site is down as well? whats going on? nevermind - you should have your site be compatible with ALL browsers... hello i just purchase the disciple pack but i can't login in the game, is the beta over? do i have to wait until January to play Blade and Soul Buy Gold


thnak you C:, i already did i cant wait for next close beta. can you send me a link?>? i cant download it. i cannot see the client downloader on its furoms. General discussion section. You have time anyways since CBT is closed so no rush. Blade & Soul is nominated in the MMOsite READERS' CHOICE AWARDS for Most Anticipated, Favorite MMORPG, Favorite Action MMO, Blade & Soul Gold Best Graphics, Best Soundtrack, Best Community, Best PvP, and Best Innovation categories! id vote this game worse of all mmorpg of this generations, reason lies to community thanks you really stand for BS now! Hope u win guys, ive been looking forward this game for years, and once i played i absolutely loved it. Why is this game listed it doesn't go live till next year.

Plus this game is currently not worthy of the tittle.

NCSOFT are greedy and don't really listen to the community.

5,953 Supporters thus far.

Yeah for South Korea and the other asian countries but not for NA/EU. It has been a long wait regardless. There is something fishy right now, Omeed said they want NA/EU do well first. Weird is....SEA/OCE is like different demographic especially SEA in Asia region. How about JP and TW ? Still don't bring profit at all ?
TL;DR their point of view become different every single day lol. Mohamad Arif That seems correct, they have no idea what's going on. They are only puppets of what NCSOFT Korea HQ tell them to do and say.