Blade & Soul EU will we have something new

If anyone needs help manually uninstalling this pos known as Gameguard feel free to message me. i dont need a key i play blade and soul english a long time before the beta. Blade & Soul Would you guys consider adding Oceania servers to B&S? If so, it would be cool for a Beta for Oceania players. whens the next closed beta key giveways comming out? I have a question: You know how FFXIV has a lodestone where you can see your character and other characters when not in game? Will Blade and Soul be doing this? Would be an amazing feature to have Blade and Soul Gold !

Blade & Soul EU will we have something new and unexpected on the upcoming cbt (24 to 30 of september) ? Because people are getting pretty much bored. if i participated in closed beta 1 and now im in closed beta 2 changed to europa i still have the servers of na??? cause my friend logged in first time in closed beta 2 and he has different servers! can't wait for final release so it could be open to anyone. too late for me on the closed beta though. Blade & Soul  Buy Blade and Soul Gold hello, I upgrade my initial pack to master pack in this CBT2 and as I saw in my Premium membership bar that they show I have 89 days left . will it reset back to 90 days when BnS at launch or the membership already start in CBT already ?

As far as I'm aware everything including membership resets at open beta. Someone Please Tell me how long until Open Server For I play and not I got a key to the Closed Beta and this delay is making me sad. How can i download Blade & Soul can you give me download link ? Log into your NCSoft account and go to BnS Support. All info is there. hello .as are a big fan and waiting for the opening of the game , sadly tried to enter the closed beta and I could not ..Please I have really wanted to play it help to try .. Hands down my favorite game, and the best mmo so far... How is this beta even? It feels like release. My download speed keeps dropping to zero on the launcher after it downloads about 500-1.5 gigs. I've checked my internet and everything seems fine, anyone know how to fix this? I've also tried installing a different NCsoft launcher link and that one gives me errors and won't install at all :c Still need 5 gigs left to download..

Ok thanks a lot, it just started downloading again, and it's been that way for about 10 minutes now, I'm eyeballing it in case it stops so I can fiddle with it again. It finally finished! I just had to keep canceling the update every time it dropped and restart the launcher. It worked!