FFXIV Christmas outfit

The Starlight Celebration returns on December 18th! I wish the items and outfits we would get woukd be what we see in the artwork display for the event... FFXIV Gil . like a reindeer chocobo special mount that flies and has a theme with bells, and the hooded christmas outfits. There is a raindeer barding though o.o...Though I agree with the hooded Christmas outfit. Nonono ieamt a mount in general that looks like the one in the artwork but can also fly and has a bell theme for when riding. The Starlight set in the picture is *exactly* like the barding set in game though? Like it has the reindeer antlers and the presents, the stockings are in the front as well. My Chocobo Yuletide is white and uses that set all the time haha...The bells are on the feet.

Jessica Davis There really isn't though. If you're lucky someone will sell it on the mb for a ton. in the artwork, we're shown a gorgeous Christmas cloak and stunning earrings... in game we get antlers that look like they've been sewn together in home ec. class, mittens and feet that are supposed to look like reindeer hoves, a beard and a santa hat with beard that i bet doesn't /visor on and off unsure emoticon sorry SE but I feel like you've dropped the ball this time around  FFXIV Gil. should have brought to us that cloak in the picture. not that i don't appreciate the teams hard work but this leaves me immensely disappointed. like you guys forgot about the event then quickly threw something together. how'd you feel if someone forgot to get you a gift and bought you a card instead? or re-gifted things you've already had?

I agree that we should get the super pretty cloak in the picture. wish they would make past event housing items available via the calamity salvager. would like another wreath or maybe the wallpaper, even the stuffed quirin. or the indoor presents. if i would have known a year or 2 ago i would have made an alt and stockpiled the stuff..