We really really need a SEA/Oceanic server for BNS

We really really need a SEA/Oceanic server. The ping is unbearable from this side of the world. i doubt they will make sea server. Good luck tho. just curious is this game somewhat first person shooter like, or mmo? Faction chat is gone, it's alllll bots on Soha, can't block them all. Make chat limits that ban people from posting for 15min after posting more than 10 messages in a set time...not hard.

Does anyone on Hajoon server in Crimson wanna farm insignias in the scorching sands later? Sea forget this game Blade and Soul Gold .. wait 5 years when it come. Everything is perfect now ! would be great if u guys giving out events < free stuff like : change server , character slot , free golds ..... weapons > would be awesome.

They should fix the disconnection problem; which happens every time I go through a door. To solve the problem of gold spammers, why not place a repeated message filter? that will block the identical message. my char's moving at other pc .. and at my pc nothing happen .. no skills no move no chat.

Disconnected from server.(2000)(132,10054) help pls it disconnecting me after i put my sub pin. i just downloaded the game on eu  BNS Gold servers no server and no char because of this disconnect. Been playing since NA release and today just a few minutes ago i started getting constant disconnects every 2-5 minutes. OMFGGGGGG my online caffe is close forever my lvl is 35 got so much things to do . just wnna share . hey admin I'm stuck in main quest act 2 chapter 22

when try to checking soha tab, I leave her room and can't get in again.