Blade & Soul Page Admin,

oh look back to school costume~ it be a shame if BnS were to release hongmoon level and Mushin tower at the time when everyone's busy :> Ugh... I wish this game had the costumes be account wide.. paying $15 per costume for ONE character is a bit much. the game still crash when playing  BNS Gold ... it tell .DLL is blah blah blah in memory something.. the error occur after the maintenance ...

An error has occured in your Blade and soul client
your hardware configuration, the DDL list loaded to the memory and data relevant to other client errors. no point buying those costumes when wardrobe cannot be open after update. Faction clothes are inside the wardrobe Buy Blade and Soul Gold  and now no way to complete my quest cause it's BUG. Please fix it immediately. Blade & Soul i am a lover of this game and i wanna it works well,all i wanna sugest you is to make faction chat level 25 or... maybe 45 for be sure about gold sellers,this game doesn't have anymore faction chat because gold sellers,no action,no faction help,nothing because gold sellers,please solve this problem!

Blade & Soul my game crashes every 5-10mins of gameplay and its so annoying. im getting 4094 crash! i need your help please. Game keeps crashing and cant get into game since i updated the game unsure emoticon anyone else have this problem & know a fix? Blade & Soul Page Admin, Kindly help me. when playing other online games my ping is great. but why is it when i'm playing Blade and Soul how come I'm delayed like 5 seconds and i can barely do quests coz the moment my character doesnt repond, my character is good as dead. please notice my comment. We need explanations and troubleshoot methods. i may have to quit if this is the case. good game but the maintence is pretty awful.