Blade & Soul dungeon

Help just dropped 100 bucks on this game but now when i got into the first dungeon it freezes or crashes. I am so confused first i had to disable razer products for the game to work now they have to be enabled in order to log in am i supposed to disable them after i log into the game. I did and BNS Gold    apparently it this. You need to have SDK enabled when you start the launcher and once you get to character creator you need to disable it and it will work.

Cross server dungeon matching need some adjustments. There are more players simply stand at entrance leeching while others are trying hard clearing the path and we cant vote kick them off cause there's isn't this function in cross server. All those peoples are just waiting for the rest to kill the boss and bid for the loots and went off.

Hopefully the admin can banned this player cause it always does that. Lots of bastard actions are taken by players: Buy Blade and Soul Gold with a leader attitude also. Went low level dungeon and someone set min bid to 5 silver. You also get the ones who set loot rule to heroic to ninja all the loot OR master looter. there needs to be a Vote by players on a change of rules not just leader says. 

Yeah I went to a 45 dungeon and someone set the min bid to like 24g. First, client crashes if I dont disable razer chroma sdk, patch and I cant play without that service, and today another patch, now I cant play without that service and the game crases after a few minutes, the question is, are you having fun with us?, because Im tired of this, I pay premium for a good game with a terrible manteiners, absurd.