Blade and Soul Best update

Its not their fault? They set a timer on the Daily Dash itself, so you not having enough spins is based on your own luck and timing lol. PvP arena there's so many bots does it make it impossible to do Blade and Soul Gold anything because it does everything perfect this update sucks.

Some interfaces are still unresponsive and slow to load its contents. For example, the Character Info page and Market. On an unrelated topic, I hope you actually read support tickets and resolve them unlike some companies and devs out there smile emoticon.

Sadly it got so laggy after the patch and maintenance i dun even feel like playing anymore... good job! Best update? Looking on the forums to people bitching about the summoner. Their tears tasted delicious. Cheap Blade & Soul Gold I cant read chats on faction chat/ clan chat , all chats o.o ,Poharan Server , I am 100% sure my community settings/ Chat Settings is perfectly fine., but I cant read stufss on chat o.o please help , party finder doesnt work also.

fix that fucking bug when using dragon pulse when going to poharan from start until now you are not doing anything about it people are dying or getting stuck in there and your escape button has a long cooldown.