korean game Blade & Soul game play

Do you know how long content updates take when everything is not already developed? Dude we had a patch before a week.. lol they actually release stuff quite fast so well like u said its ur opinion but still..

Show me another korean mmo which got updated so fast? As far as I know every mmo western release is at least 6 months Blade and Soul Buy Gold behind from original korean release and we are getting all these patches so quick. Yet people still complain. Pathetic. They're releasing stuff fast because they want the english Blade and Soul to be involved in Esports. Look at how big the korean one is and the world tournament is.

They said in the stream they could "flip a switch" like right then so yeah.. that switch requires some serious flipping. As said i do not really care, going to enjoy the beta of another game for now. This game is years behind from korean release, and considering how old it is, what i don't understand is  Cheap Blade & Soul Gold why we didn't get the latest version.

Most MMOs wait about 12 months per content update, so yes they are pretty quick. Eldhin Shichiou you don't just throw 5 years of content at a new player base. not everyone has played the other version. People would lose their minds if they had 22 floors of mushins tower to go through lol.

The reason we dont have everything at once is to allow people to gear. can you imagina being in infernal jewelery on silverfrost ? People could not even level up lol. need to gear in order to advance.