win against HM3 bots

It wont with the influx of bots and the weak pride of players who value convience over ambition. Get rid of the bots and make a trade chat please! Sick of faction chat being spammed by not only gold sellers but by people who seems to think they have to spam their wts/wtb message every 10 sec....

Don't really want to block them just in case they sell something I want later. The game is very nice and Blade and Soul Gold you're doing fine.. . just remove this Destroyer bots with NJFSUOHDAUSDAS names, they're doing faction and daily quests, and worst... . they're even in arena :(((( looking forward for an action. they're ruining the game, for ex. the price of soulstone dropped from 36s each to 20ish now. I'm surprise there are also bots with gold - plat rank.

I believe ncsoft will do something about them.. . one day.. . maybe next day, week, or month but not next year  Blade and Soul Buy Gold  please xD let's just have fun for now. Libbius Eusebio all they have to do is remove any and all rewards from losing an arena match and you would see the bots stop really quick.

Mark Mcewen Maybe not that quick since there are enough people learning pvp that cant win against HM3 bots .. teres a reason why theyre gold & above. They would eventually even put more bots in so they can generate the win again or just so they will have a 50/50 chance fighting another bot..