Blade and Soul new equipment upgrade system

1) The new equipment upgrade system will make upgrades a ton more expensive. This one is one of the most painful ones. BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE!
2) The new Level 50 will make all 45 people suck in the Arena, until they reach 50.
3) The Hongmoon 10 is the real sucker from Blade Soul Gold  the new caps, because you will be far behind in terms of skill points - again.

It does only bad stuff to the players - unless they spent way too much time in the game, and spent way too much cash on ncoins/gold sellers. Honestly, the new content, new levels, new HM could come, but without the new messed up upgrade system. Ncsoft said in one of the recent livestreams that they will hold back the update, until they will finish making a "system that is accessible to everyone". Wait it is the live stream now or? Super hyped to see the livestream.. -cough- and the outfits Blade and Soul Gold 


Someone, help me about system error 200, 300 and crash problem pls. I arrived at level 45 day 16 and not yet received my gift, I will continue waiting. Someone with the same mistake as mine, Error 200 failed to Connect autentication failed , I'm this , I supporte the procedures of NCsoft however not given any results but when I changed my ip and open the game it works in another country works , however lose broadband with it , I did not want to keep changing my ip every time I play , after all the game does not have ip block for our region , if anyone knows how to fix please share with me and with others with the same problem.

Give new costumes please since you guys just removed some. Lol yeah, no. Costume from leveling is suppose to arrive after maintenance the following weeks; plenty on the forums complaining as well.