lvl 45 dungeon in Blade and Soul

Karol Klien if people cant do po4 w/o dying then they should just stick to po6 or wait till they gear upto idk awakened profane atleast.its doable easy with profane.or they just plain suck.and fyi.I worked my arse off to get all my gear and my premium ended month no I am f2p.its easy to farm gold and gear up.peace.

Most people complain about the expansions comming so fast because there are huge lag/bots/dc problems that people are having and not due ISP since every single game works great with those. I'm going to reach WL45 today (hopefully) and I'm ok with the expansion since you can go at your own pace the problem is that people are "bitching" is that they want to be the top since day 1/week/month and the content is leaving them behind (or so they said).

It's not the problem that the content is being rushed. The problem is that we get the news of a MAJOR patch two days prior to its release.Cheap Blade & Soul Gold  You have to understand that a lot of people are still in process of collecting materials for their weapons up to final level of this patch. Now we have no time to finish it up, we will probably loose all that effort and will have to collect items by far more expensive for the next patch. Having content being released prior to the general population of a game being ready for it, is a very good thing. That's what made Everquest so successful for all of those years.


They also announced that there would be a big update on the 23rd when they released the warlock class...Buy Blade and Soul Gold .Karol Klein People wiping at lvl 45 dungeon has nothing to do with lvl 50 content , you will be able to completely gear-up with lvl 50 equipment as you go through the game until silverfrost endgame.with that in mind you won't need the lvl 45 gear anymore. the first quest will give you a new weapon by the way so if u didn't get the max lvl 45 gear do not worry, it will be irrelevante for the late game.