how to improve Blade & Soul

What keeps making me want to throttle who was in charge is the enemies keep resetting their HP when they should not. I am a raged class who will not be right up in their face. I am going to be back a bit and also sometimes dodge out. It should not reset when I am at a reasonable caster distance in range for my spells. This combined with quest enemies not dropping quest items is making it take much longer than it has to be.

Story wise and visuals was absolutely fantastic for the new areas. Those purple trees are very nice. Really good work here and pretty good work with the Devotion outfit. so not a downer here. There are things I really do Buy Blade and Soul Gold  like but a few things that make me scream why. Like mid dragon call cast the enemy resets when it should not.

Hinata Uzamaki I know that most people can't play 12hours/day. Still they can play 1-2 hours/day and take 12 times longer to level up. Repetition...yeah it sucks but I found the way to deal with it. I open winamp and listen music I like while playing lineage 2 and other grindy games Cheap Blade & Soul Gold. With music on I don't care that I need to kill million monsters to level up. I just listen music whole killing things . They could change one thing...dungeons gives no experience. I'm fine with level 1-49 dungeons...but level 50...they could give at least 500-1000exp/kill for those without elite

(I had lv45 before lv 50 update but deleted it since I realised that class is too difficult for me...back then there was 750k exp needed to reach HM2. Not sure if it's same account after update. But I'll find out soon. My new main character is lv40)
They could improve game by allowing do salvage all outfits, not the cash shop ones . Also why monsters drops money only for elite players. I know they want to limit free players but what about reducing amount monster drops by 50% and drop chance by 50% for monsters which drops 1copper.