Blade & Soul PVP season

Get the attack power buff he gives when he is talking and rising i the air. Use the immunity pots when he does the fire aoe. I don't even know how you can't beat him with 514 AP. If i could record what happens all the time i attempt it, i would lol. Do not be surprised if Chi Master Comes out in the Summer/Fall. Heck probably even sooner lol. No thanks can't beat Junghado (dunno how to spell it) so won't be able to beat the other floors.

I don't even have my true breeze bangle yet with oathbraker accessories. my master pack is a waste...Blade & Soul Gold been idle for more than a month... eliminate bots and spammers... hope SEA server opens up for better fps/ping... I quit at true pirate, 600g, and diamond... Just can't do these dailies anymore. 6v6 is gonna be so fail. Means more chances of 1,2 or 3 bots being on your team. Who cares if they streamline content?! Better than maxing and quitting it's on the table for you when you get there. PvP Season 1 begins on April 13, offering seasonal as well as weekly rewards.

Great start the PVP season when the Hackers are in! Fun thing to fight perma invisble summoners and speedhackers /teleporters. I think it's a temporary outfit maybe? Not 100% but that's what a few people have told me. smile emoticon. Because you only get to keep it for staying at the top. It's their way of keeping people motivated and maintain a rank rather than getting it once then abandoning arenas altogether. Brandon N Jami Hicks Yes but....Buy Blade and Soul Gold Why? 

I'd be pretty peeved if I couldn't keep it.
It's like giving a kid a toy and saying 'You can play with it for a few weeks before we put it in the bin, even if it's your favourite'.

To respond to your kid reference: if a kid behaves super well, you give him a totally awesome toy he plays with all the time. But of course you give it to another kid if he starts behaving badly.

And I think since only 5 people/class can own this costume at a time it makes it more desirable. Sarah Harries the pvp season starts every 60 days I think. The point is to keep getting the costume. IF this game was competative ALL skills should be unlocked in arena AND EVERYONE should have same skill points .if 1 person have 10 points more than me and 3 hongmoon skills more than me well this CANNOT BE ESPORT ! if you want a real world championship make arena FAIR for everyone not just for ppl who can spend 1000 euro for nc coin and transform them into gold or ppl who can spend thousand hours farming a stupid dungeon .