BnS weapon

I left this game after level 50 for how much u need to upgrade a weapon and how shitty difference is on dmg and defense is a waste of time il wait for KUF2 and BLESS. I uninstall this game when I found out the materials was too expensive. It's not even fun anymore. add more way for us to obtain moonstone...its almost 3g now >.>
also this new event will make mats price go much higher cuz everyone want to rush upgrade their gear Blade and Soul Gold ... Any event like Treasure Trove or close similar event that we can win those Sparkling Gems?

Some got lucky with those Attack gems and for some who are not that lucky. Maybe you Blade & Soul have another event like that soon? you bought the keys for that event? If not its normal, no pay, no win.

I got all mats ready for true breeze weapon, mabey I should wait a bit with that upgrade then.. wink emoticon and please do something about the SSP bots, it's getting ridiculous tbh. Haven't seen a body to pick up in weeks.. New content always means higher prices but when the content gets older the prices will drop so I can live with that. But if the bot problems were EVER controlled Buy Blade and Soul Gold past a stupid report/block, some prices would go down even with new content plus we would see a game company gave a damn to make their players happy, but you don't see miracles everyday now do you?

BnS, i cant keep up with the game with all these maintenance! my only time to play is at night here in the philippines, now i cant because of the maintenance , you could have done this from the start, and maybe some people might not have been frustrated to the point of quitting. this game is actually good. yet you just have to mess around. five years in and you act like this is brand new. Do something about the bots and especially the ceaseless crashing too. Can't even go on playing the game for more than 1 hour without crashing or dc.