playing FFXIV for so long,

I like how people who.dont like the game have to make a comment like it's going to make a difference just to get attention but I guess that's what happens when they have nothing else going for them lol and they say it's boring probably because they don't know how to play or play sooooo much rather than have a life.FFXIV Gil  It's just a shame the game lacks towns and social areas other than 3 starter cities and Golden Saucer.I find it hard to get in to this game after playing FFXIV for so long, yes it has better graphics, but it lacks the imagination the creators of 11 had. Such sad times.

hy the new beast tribe has to be for crafter only?? thats too unfair! how is that unfair lol. all the rest are not for craft. so it is unfair that the new beast tribe is crafters only. All others are open to EVERYONE, this one is open just for crafters, that is unfair. Did you do the ixal beastribes? You could start those with a lvl 5 crafter. Everyone can do it. More steps of faith? Nooooooooooooooo out of all the content, I hate that one. Make it NOT a repetitive gear grind.

- Take your inspiration from FFXI NOT Wow.
- Make it MORE open world.
- but ABOVE ALL don't force me to pay to keep what I worked for.Cheap FFXIV Gil  ( housing) 

The game design is a boring grind of instances that calls for breaks for sanity sake. Then don't come to me and say: " Well, you have to pay us if you want to keep that house. We don't believe in taking break from our game..." To that, I say: F**k You.The game looks good, the lore is great and all that, but yeah... I'm out. Would need the change I pointed out for me to be back.If you enjoy the hamster wheel, have at it.