Cheap Blade and Soul new dungeon Vengeance Breaks

Anyone here having troubles logging in? Error 42, Server Maintenance Error and Server authentication failure? Cant log in now. been inside the game like 10 minutes and got a huge lag then disconnects. Any solutions Blade & Soul?? And oh! there way time when i was entering the 6 digits pin and when i press ok the game closes instantaneously.

wow game broken .. now i go stupid COLD STORAGE i spike lag FROZE 3~7 second.. like what hell....Blade and Soul Gold   why i pay ingame so much money when GAME is broken as fu*k now... and DISCONNECTED from server,.... yea wtfack NCSOFT.. next expansion and FROZE spike lag at last boss nexus or DISCONNECTED from SERVER .... thanks... i just started playin this game about 5 hours... now i cant login... :|am I the only person who doesnt have low lvl instances on dungeon lobby?

you must be the smart one, and how do you login your account to change your email if you dont have the code to login Cheap Blade and Soul gold? the game is lagging so bad cross server , field , dungeon .. fix it please cant do a damm thing.. enters the game and this message appears: Disconnected from server. SystemErr-(300: Server Authentication Failure). help. Same but only on my level 50. I can log on to my level 40's just fine.

My brother has this issue as well and many others have u sent ncsoft a ticket? Savva Constantinou yes, I send but have not given me a clear solution yet.Hey guys, is that "race alteration voucher" can change race,like i want to make gon kfm to lyn kfm ? :D (look more cute isn't it).