FFXIV PS4 version purchase

Will deff be doin this. My Luna kitty will be very happy. I have NA square account which I have had since 1.0, i dont currently live in the US and I shipped my the item I bought to a address within the US and was told that I don't qualify, this is annoying. Why won't we get these stuff in EU? It's really not fair..

Show Australia some love please! I don't hold my breath though. Here's looking at the heavensward CE which you slugged us $300AU for and it was NOT worth that much for the crappy little statue,FFXIV Gil  book and whatever else came with it, then we have the albums on iTunes (oh wait. We can't buy them digital. I can see them on the American iTunes but not Australia) ok. So I'll buy the blu ray albums (oh wait, you won't directly ship to us either.

Have to import from a third party website in Japan) what about the carbuncle plushies? (again not available for AU,Buy FFXIV Gil  have to source third party from Japan) I think we are as usual going to be left out. Please prove me wrong square!!

So much love for this!!! My boyfriend managed to get my moogle plushie from an Aussie store but if I want to support a game I love so much why can't I? Im in the same position. Sick of missing out on things because Australia.