FFXIV Heavensward one year anniversary

It only took you a year to finally get around to producing some half decent fucking content for Heavensward. Maybe next time we can get that more consistently, eh? So, about those cooldowns resetting every time you wipe? Maybe toss a cupcake to us guys interested in progression for once, Yoshi? 

I bought Heavensward FFXIV Gil  since last Steam salr and Im so far to settle my gagts there... Thanks for the huge content! My Little Au ra is waiting for me to come back someday. And thanks for ripping our hearts out at The Vault. Everyone who has cleared it knows what I'm talking about. Wow it's been a year since I quit....I didn't realize that much time had passed.

I love this game soooo much!!!! Can't wait for the next expansion. I bought it day one! Now if I could only finish the original game story quests and start heavenward.. I'm Legacy too lol.Buy FFXIV Gil Too bad the game has become stale. Bring on the trolls. Can't wait to see what's in store for next expansion. Congratulations. But was hoping to see the special HQ in the game again.

I may not have joined untill august but i plan on staying. And i look forward to the next expansions. Help I forgot my password and my security question is there any way I can play this again? Ishgard is still so depressing, and knock it off with all the poor NPCs hanging from the roof tops. Wow so sad I still havnt gotten to play it. Income is the true worst dungeon boss irl. it was 1 year ago today that I ended up with salmonella and couldnt play at launch.